Missy Opposite – Opposite of In is Out

Missy Opposite was playing in her room. It was a rainy summer day. Normally she would be playing outside but not when it was raining.

Missy Opposite had all her dolls sitting in the middle of her bedroom floor. Mother came up the stairs to check on her.

“Missy Opposite,” said Mother, seeing the mess of her room. “Please put all your dolls back in your toy box.”

“But,” said Missy Opposite. “I just took them all out.”

“I see that,” said Mother.

“Isn’t the opposite of in, out,” said Missy Opposite.

“You are correct,” said Mother. “I am very proud of you. You learned a new opposite. Now, please put your dolls back in your toy box.”

Missy Opposite did as she was told and while doing so, she thought of the new opposite she just learned. She knew that in was to put something inside and out was to take something out.

When Missy Opposite had put all her dolls back in her toy box, she went downstairs to see what her Mother was doing. Her mother was baking a cake.

“So,” said Mother. “What do I do with the cake once it is in the pan?”

“You put it in the oven,” said Missy Opposite.

“What happens when it has finished baking?” asked Mother.

“When it is done baking you have to take it out of the oven,” said Missy Opposite. “And then, you have to take it out of the pan.”

“You are absolutely right about that,” said Mother.

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