Little Crow is Afraid

Little Crow was sitting on a fence post in the prairies. It was a cold autumn day and he needed to find a warm place to sit. He knew though, that his cousin Jake was just going to bully him.

Little Crow hurt his wing a few days ago and he was having a hard time flying.

“So you are just going to sit on that fence post the whole day,” said Jake. “I am going to see Grandma. She is making some hot soup. It is going to taste so good.”

“Jake!” he heard a voice from behind him. “Why do you always tease poor Little Crow?”

“Oh Grandmother!” exclaimed Jake, laughing. “I wasn’t teasing him. Honestly, I wasn’t.”

Jake flew away before Grandmother could scold him.

“Little Crow,” said Grandmother. “Come with me. I will help you get that wing better and I will protect you from Jake.”

“Thank you Grandmother,” said Little Crow.

Little Crow flew the short distance to Grandmother’s tree. He was in a lot of pain and Grandmother was very concerned about his wing.

“You are going to stay here with me until that wing gets better,” said Grandmother. “That way I can also keep my eye on Jake. I am not impressed with him teasing you.”

“I am afraid of him,” said Little Crow. “He is so mean to me.”

“I know,” said Grandmother. “I see what he does to you. I think he is jealous of you.”

“He has no reason to be jealous,” said Little Crow.

“I think he is jealous because I protect you so much,” said Grandmother.

“The funny thing about that is that if he stopped bullying me,” said Little Crow. “Then I wouldn’t need protection from him.”

“True,” said Grandmother.

Grandmother bandaged up Little Crow’s wing and then she gave him a hot bowl of soup.

Jake came to visit.

“I am not very happy with you,” said Grandmother. “You have to stop teasing Little Crow. He is in a lot of pain with his wing. This teasing has to stop.”

“Yes, Grandmother,” said Jake. “I won’t tease Little Crow anymore.”

Grandmother gave Jake a bowl of soup. He kept giving Little Crow the evil eye when Grandmother wasn’t looking.

“Why are you giving me evil looks?” asked Little Crow when Grandmother went into the kitchen.

“Just because,” said Jake. “Why do you need Grandmother to protect you?”

“You are just jealous that Grandmother does protect me,” said Little Crow.

“Jealous,” laughed Jake. “I don’t think so.”

“Okay Little Crow,” said Grandmother. “If you want to get that wing better, you need to get to bed.”

“Goodnight,” said Little Crow, giving Grandmother a kiss goodnight, while Jake glared at him.

Over the next week, Little Crow’s wing was all healed up but he didn’t want to tell Grandmother yet. Truth is, he was enjoying the attention from her and he was very happy because as long as he was there with her, he felt safe because he knew that Grandmother was protecting him.

One day, Little Crow was outside enjoying some fresh autumn air. He was bored so he started flapping his wings.

“Your wing looks just fine to me,” said Jake as he flew over to the branch that Little Crow was sitting on. “Wait until I tell Grandmother that you have been lying to her.”

“Wait,” said Little Crow, with desperation in his voice. “Don’t tell her, please.”

It was too late. Jake went to Grandmother and told her all about Little Crow’s wing that wasn’t sore anymore.

Grandmother called Little Crow over.

“Is this true?” Grandmother asked.

“Yes,” said Little Crow. “It is true, but …”

“You know,” said Grandmother. “I don’t blame Little Crow one bit.”

“You don’t,” said Jake.

“No,” said Grandmother. “I don’t. The way you have been teasing him is terrible. It isn’t fair to him at all. In face, I want him to move in with me. That way I can protect him.”

Jake’s jaw dropped and Little Crow was so happy.

“Thank you,” said Little Crow, hugging his Grandmother. “Thank you so much!”

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