Trickster Bunny Turns White

Trickster Bunny was playing outside. It was a fairly cold and windy autumn day. He didn’t feel the cold that much because he did have a thick coat of fur.

“It is going to be winter very soon,” said Trickster to himself. “I can feel it in the air.”

Trickster looked down at his feet and he saw that his feel were starting to turn white.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Trickster. “Winter is coming and it is coming very, very soon. I am starting to turn white already.”

Trickster Bunny and his family are all snowshoe rabbits. Snowshoe rabbits live in North America and during spring and summer they are a brown colour and in the autumn they start to turn white for winter.

About a week later, Trickster and the rest of his family had turned pure white. He was outside playing. He saw his friend, Fred Fox. Trickster wanted to play a trick on his friend.

“Hi Fred,” said Trickster.

Fred did not know who was talking to him. All he saw was a white rabbit sitting in the middle of the field. Fred was hungry. A nice rabbit for dinner sounded really good to him.

Trickster saw the look on Fred’s face and he realized that his trick back-fired on him. Trickster ran as fast as he could into the den his family shared.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Mother asked Trickster.

“I was playing a trick on Fred,” said Trickster. “I didn’t think he would recognize me because I have turned white.”

“Let me guess,” said Mother. “Fred didn’t recognize you like you thought but then he thought you would make a good dinner.”

“Yes,” said Trickster. “My trick back-fired.”

“One of these days you will learn that your tricks can be dangerous,” said Mother.

Meanwhile, Fred Fox saw that white rabbit go into his friend, Trickster’s den. He thought that he better make sure Trickster and his family were alright. He knocked on Trickster’s door. Mother answered the door.

“Is that you?” Fred asked. “Are you Trickster’s Mother?”

“Yes,” said Mother.

“Oh dear,” said Fred. “I am confused.”

“Yes,” said Mother. “And I know why. See, Fred, we are snowshoe rabbits. We turn white in the winter.”

“Oh,” said Fred. “So, was that Trickster I saw in the field earlier?”

“Yes,” said Mother. “It was. He was trying to play a trick on you.”

“I see,” said Fred. “He was almost my dinner.”

“Yes, he told me that,” said Mother.

“I am sorry,” said Fred. “I would never hurt him or any of his family.”

“We appreciate that,” said Mother.

“Fred,” said Trickster, overhearing the conversation. “I am sorry for trying to trick you.”

“I am sorry for thinking about almost having you for dinner,” said Fred.

“Fred,” said Mother. “Would you like to have some carrot soup?”

“Yes,” said Fred. “I would love some.”

“It won’t have any rabbit in it,” laughed Trickster. “But you are welcome to sit down and eat with Mother, my ten sisters and I.”

“I get to eat with lots of rabbits,” laughed Fred. “I just won’t be able to eat any of them.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Tricks can be dangerous.
  • Example: Trickster Bunny and his family turned white for the winter. He thought he would play a trick on his friend, Fred Fox. The trick back-fired on him.

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