“I” is for Interesting

Alphabet Allie was enjoying an ice-cream cone while sitting in the park.

“‘I’ is for ice-cream,” said Allie. “This ice-cream tastes so good.”

“I invented that flavour,” said a young girl, who approached Allie. “My name is Ida.”

“‘I’ is for invented,” said Allie. “This is an interesting flavour. I really like it.”

“‘I’ is for interesting,” said Ida. “I am so glad you like it. I call it an intense ice-cream dessert.”

“‘I’ is for intense,” said Allie. “That is a good name for it. I can taste chocolate icing.”

“‘I’ is for icing,” said Ida. “It does have icing on it. I dipped the ice-cream cone in chocolate icing. That is my new invention.”

“‘I’ is for invention,” said Allie. “I want to invest in your new invention.”

“‘I’ is for invest,” said Ida. “I would love you to invest in my new invention.”

“I think your invention is a good idea,” said Allie.

“‘I’ is for idea,” said Ida. “And I agree.”

Allie invested in Ida’s invention and soon Allie saw her income double.

“‘I’ is for invested and income,” said Allie to Ida about a week later. “Because I have invested in your idea, my income doubled. I am insanely happy.”

“‘I’ is for insanely,” said Ida. “I am also insanely happy.”

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