Ice-Cream on a Cold Day

“Hello Grandma,” said Bright Idea. “It is very cold here in Fredericton, New Brunswick today.”

“Yes,” said Grandma. “It sure is. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind getting me a bowl of ice-cream.”

“Sure,” said Bright Idea. “I can do that.”

Bright Idea went into the kitchen and got Grandma a bowl of ice cream. It looked so good. He got himself a bowl too.

“Thank you,” said Grandma.

Bright Idea and Grandma ate their ice-cream. While eating it, Bright Idea kept getting chills.

“Whose bright idea was it to eat ice-cream on such a cold day?” asked Bright Idea.

“It was my idea,” said Grandma. “I admit it is kind of foolish to eat ice-cream on a cold day but it tastes so good.”

“Yes,” admitted Bright Idea. “It definitely does. However, I am freezing.”

Grandma reached over and pulled the cord on Bright Idea’s head.

“Oh Grandma,” said Bright Idea, immediately warming up from the light on the light bulb he had on his head. “I think I will have more ice-cream!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Ice-cream is good to eat any time of the year.
  • Example: Bright Idea and Grandma were eating some ice-cream. Bright Idea questioned about whose bright idea it was to eat ice-cream on a cold day.

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