Frozen Sprinkles

Sprinkles was playing in her bedroom. She happened to look out her bedroom window and she noticed the sun was shining. She decided that she wanted to go outside and play. Sprinkles dressed warm because it was winter and even though the sun was shining, it was pretty cold outside. Despite the cold, Sprinkles thought […] Read More

Snow Fairy

In the woods in Calgary, Alberta, Snow Fairy was huddled in her den. She was nice and warm at the moment and that made her very happy. Snow Fairy is the sweetest and most innocent creature in the woods. She was born in the midst of a very cold winter. She is always cold but […] Read More

Becky Bobcat’s Christmas Miracle

“It is a beautiful Christmas Eve day,” said Becky Bobcat, who was standing in front of her bedroom mirror, making sure that her thick winter coat of fur was brushed properly. “It would be a good time to collect some winter berries for Christmas dinner.” Becky Bobcat was going to grab her scarf and hat […] Read More

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

“Forgetful Fred,” said his wife, Sarah, who just finished washing the breakfast dishes. “It is so hot in here. Do you have the heat turned on?” “I turned it up a bit earlier this morning,” said Forgetful Fred. “It was a bit cool outside.” “Is this not July?” asked Sarah. “I do believe it is,” […] Read More

Missy Big Words – Seasonal

“Those tires are seasonal,” said Daddy, talking to one of his customers on the phone. “They are winter tires. You are going to have to put your summer tires on.” “Hi Daddy,” said Missy Big Words coming into the kitchen to get a popsicle so she could cool down. “I just learned a new big […] Read More

Silly Snake’s Christmas Fun

“Okay Mother,” said Silly Snake on the telephone. “I will come home for Christmas.” Silly Snake wasn’t really planning to do anything this Christmas. He actually wanted to just stay home, enjoy his time off and relax. However, on the other hand, he knew how much Christmas meant to his mother so that is why […] Read More


I’m soft and chewy. Some like us raw and some like us cooked. I am great in hot chocolate and some baked goods. Oh, and I’m at my best roasting over a campfire at the end of a long stick. That’s right, I’m a marshmallow. Now marshmallows come in different colours and different sizes. There […] Read More

Christmas Snow

“Oh look,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “It is snowing!” “Wonderful!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Mother, wiping her hands on her apron as she came to look out the window of the log cabin. “It is so beautiful!” “Yes,” said Poor Mountain Sister. Poor Mountain Father came into the cabin, just covered from head to toe with […] Read More

New Years Eve

“Let’s have a New Years Eve party,” said Fawn. “Sure,” said Spot. “That sounds like fun.” “I’ve already asked Ricky and Jenny if they can come,” said Fawn. “Can they?” asked Spot. “Ricky and Jenny said they come as long as their dad can drive them down,” said Fawn. “Oh I hope that Ricky and […] Read More

Fawn and Spot’s Christmas Eve

Fawn and Spot were sitting around their living room in the barn on Christmas Eve. They were having a cup of hot chocolate and admiring their Christmas tree when they heard a knock at the door. “Presents!” exclaimed Fawn, as he opened the door and saw Mr. and Mrs. Hansen, Ricky and Jenny, all arms […] Read More