Fawn and Spot’s Christmas Eve

Fawn and Spot were sitting around their living room in the barn on Christmas Eve. They were having a cup of hot chocolate and admiring their Christmas tree when they heard a knock at the door.

“Presents!” exclaimed Fawn, as he opened the door and saw Mr. and Mrs. Hansen, Ricky and Jenny, all arms loaded with gifts.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Hansen. “These are presents but you are not allowed to open them until tomorrow morning.”

“Oh why not?” exclaimed Fawn. “I want to open them now.”

“Christmas is not until tomorrow morning,” said Jenny Hansen. “You can’t open your presents until then.”

“Yeah Fawn,” said Ricky Hansen. “I can’t open mine until then so you can’t open yours until then.”

“This is no fair,” said Fawn. “It is no fair that you are bringing me all these presents and then I can’t even open them.”

“What’s the matter Fawn?” asked Jenny, laughing. “It is too tempting for you.”

“Yes,” said Fawn. “It is.”

“I’ll make sure that Fawn doesn’t open them,” said Spot.

“Oh great!” exclaimed Fawn. “Now I’ll never be able to open them.”

“Well,” said Mr. Hansen. “Merry Christmas, Fawn and Spot. We have to get going now.”

“So soon,” said Fawn.

The Hansen’s were going away for the Christmas holidays to visit Grampy and they weren’t able to take Fawn and Spot with them because Grampy lives in an apartment building and has a very small apartment.

“Tell Grampy that I wish him Merry Christmas,” said Fawn, sadly.

Fawn wanted to spend Christmas with Grampy but he knew that he couldn’t go. Just then there was a knock at the door.

“Gee who could that be,” said Spot. “Everyone is here already.”

Fawn went to the door and opened it up. He turned to everyone with the biggest smile on his face.

“It is Grampy!” exclaimed Fawn. “Grampy is here and he has tons of presents and I bet he will even let me open one.”

“Well,” said Spot. “Move away from the door and let him in.”

“Merry Christmas!” exclaimed Grampy. “Merry Christmas!”

“What are you doing here?” asked Ricky. “I thought we were going to your house.”

“I just couldn’t stand to not celebrate Christmas with Fawn and Spot,” said Grampy.

Fawn was so happy to see Grampy. This was the best Christmas ever for Fawn.

“Here you go Fawn,” said Grampy, handing Fawn a gift. “And you can even open it now.”

Fawn tore the paper off the gift and just threw it away. Inside the gift was a toy car that Fawn always wanted.

“Thank you Grampy,” said Fawn, giving everyone else a funny look. “I wanted that car too and I knew you would let me open a present.”

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