Strawberry Festival

Sally Bronson lived in a little cottage with her parents in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. It was a beautiful June morning.

“Sally,” said her Father, sitting at the breakfast table. “What are you going to do today?”

“Nothing much,” said Sally.

“Well your Mother wants us to go to the Strawberry Festival today,” said Father.

“Oh but Father,” said Sally. “Strawberry Festivals are boring.”

“Now, now,” said Father. ”How would you know? You have never been to one. Strawberry Festivals are lots of fun. They have games and prizes and music and tons and tons of good food to eat. Besides, your Mother really wants us to go. She has entered one of her quilts in the quilt contest. You know how hard she has been working on it.”

“Okay,” said Sally. ”I’ll go, but I bet I won’t have much fun.”

“And, I bet you will,” said Father.

At first Sally was having a terrible time at the Strawberry Festival. The fairgrounds were packed. Her mother had made her the silliest outfit she had ever seen. It was a red and white sundress with a matching hat.

Sally saw one of her friends from school.

“Hey Sally,” her friend, Katie called out. “I love your dress!”

“Hi Katie,” said Sally, noticing that Katie was wearing almost the same outfit as she was. “Thank you, I love your dress, too!”

“My Mom bought it from your Mom,” said Katie.

Sally was impressed. Katie was the most popular girl in her class and yet, Katie wore almost the same clothing that she was wearing and, her Mother had made it.

”I’m glad you like my Mom’s clothing,” said Sally, suddenly having more respect for her Mother, than ever before. ”My Mom puts lots of effort into what she does.”

”You should be very proud of her,” said Katie.

“I am,” said Sally.

“My Aunt Brenda is getting married this Christmas and she wants your Mom to make the dresses. I’m going to be a flower girl.”

“That’s really neat,” said Sally.

“Maybe you could come to the wedding?” Katie asked.

“Maybe I could,” said Sally. “That would be fun.”

“I’ll ask my Aunt Brenda,” said Katie.

“Okay,” said Sally.

“Hey,” said Katie. “Let’s go get some homemade strawberry ice- cream.”

“Sure,” said Sally.

“So, it looks like I was right,” said Sally’s Father, when he saw Sally with Katie a short while later.

“Yes Daddy,” blushed Sally. “Make sure you go to your Mother’s booth. They are going to be announcing the winner, soon.”

”Okay, Daddy,” said Sally. “I wouldn’t miss that for the world.”

“Can I come with you, Sally?” asked Katie.

“Sure you can,” said Sally.

“And, the winner of this year’s quilt contest is,” announced the judge. “Mrs. Bronson!”

“I’m really proud of you, Mom,” said Sally.

“Why thank you,” said Mrs. Bronson, kissing her daughter on the forehead. “Are you glad you came?”

“Yes I am,” said Sally.

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