Halloween Wedding

“I want us to set a date for our wedding, said Frankie the Monster, to his fiancée, Anna. “I want to get married as soon as we can.” “Would tomorrow be soon enough?” asked Anna. “Tomorrow is Halloween,” said Frankie. “I know,” said Anna. “We are going to be dressing up as a bride and […] Read More

Thanksgiving at the Cottage

I remember having Thanksgiving dinner with my grandparents at their cottage in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. I remember the autumn leaves falling into the lake. I remember a cool wind blowing across my cheeks and I remember it feeling refreshing. I wasn’t worried about getting cold because I had on a white cable knit sweater that I […] Read More

Beatrice Bee at the Cottage

Beatrice Bee saw a cottage that sat on Sturgeon Lake in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. She saw that the kitchen window was open. She flew into the kitchen. “Something smells so good,” said Beatrice. “It smells like chocolate cake.” “What are you doing in my kitchen?” Beatrice heard someone say. Beatrice turned around and saw an older […] Read More

Meet City Kid

Meet City Kid. City Kid was born in Toronto, Ontario. He still lives there to this day. He is the only Canadian sibling that has not gone far from home. City Kid loves the city life. He owns a modernized condominium. He has his own back yard in which he grows some vegetables and some […] Read More

Meet Fishing Kid

Welcome to the Meet Fishing Kid page. Fishing Kid is a character I created in 2005 as part of my Canadian Family stories. I traveled through New Brunswick which is where I have Fishing kid based. Even though I have never actually seen a large fishing boat up close, I grew up with fishing in […] Read More

Frankie’s Autumn Date

Frankie was pacing back and forth in front of the dumpster where his homeless friend, Marvin, hangs out regularly. It was a fairly warm autumn day and Frankie was very bored. “What is going on with you?” asked Marvin, who had not seen Frankie act this way before. “I want to take Anna on a […] Read More

Road Trip Music – The Hip

Arrow and Cutie were sitting on the window ledge watching Mommy and Daddy. “Mommy and Daddy are acting pretty strange tonight,” said Arrow to Cutie. “I think something big is happening.” “Really,” said Cutie, shaking her tail in excitement. “Like what?” “Well,” said Arrow. “They have been talking about the Tragically Hip all day today.” […] Read More

Summer Storm

It was a very hot and humid day in the middle of the summer. Slow-Poke was at the wading pool that was at the far edge of the farm he lived on in Calgary, Alberta with his mother. He was enjoying himself. The cool water felt good on his warm feathers. Slow-Poke and his mother […] Read More

Meet Billy Troll

Welcome to the Meet Billy Troll page. Billy Troll is a character I created several years ago when my children were very young. At the time I created him, my music tastes were changing from rock and roll to country and then back to rock and roll. I grew up surrounded by music. My dad […] Read More

Meet Fawn and Spot

Welcome to the Meet Fawn and Spot page. Fawn and Spot were once two real cows that I owned while living in Sharbot Lake, Ontario. Fawn was a tan coloured cow and Spot was a black and white coloured cow. I owned them when they were calves. I loved them because I was able to […] Read More