Road Trip Music – The Hip

Arrow and Cutie were sitting on the window ledge watching Mommy and Daddy.

“Mommy and Daddy are acting pretty strange tonight,” said Arrow to Cutie. “I think something big is happening.”

“Really,” said Cutie, shaking her tail in excitement. “Like what?”

“Well,” said Arrow. “They have been talking about the Tragically Hip all day today.”

“Aren’t they the band we listen to when we go on road trips?” asked Cutie.

“Yes,” said Arrow. “I grew up on their music when I lived in Kamloops with Mommy. My favourite Hip song is ‘Bobcaygeon’.”

“Mine is Bobcaygeon,” said Cutie.

“No it isn’t,” said Arrow. “You have never been to Bobcaygeon.”

“Where is it anyway?” asked Cutie.

“A long way from here,” said Arrow. “I have been there. It is in Ontario.”

“How come you have been there?” asked Cutie.

“I have been to Ontario with Mommy when she moved there,” said Arrow.

“You have been to lots of places,” said Cutie.

“That was all before we moved to Calgary,” said Arrow.

“Before you adopted me?” asked Cutie.

“Yes,” said Arrow.

“Oh look,” said Cutie. “Mommy and Daddy are watching the Hip on tv.”

“Cool,” said Arrow, thumping his tail to the beat of the music. “I love the Hip. This must be their final concert. This song is ‘Fifty Mission Cap’. Awesome road trip memories.”

“That is my favourite song,” said Cutie.

“No it isn’t,” said Arrow. “It is about hockey and you don’t even like hockey.”

“I do too,” said Cutie.

“Okay,” said Arrow. “Who is your favourite team?”

“Mmmm,” said Cutie. “Calgary.”

“Okay,” said Arrow. “That may be your favourite team but that isn’t your favourite Hip song.”

“What is this song?” asked Cutie. “Maybe this is my favourite song?”

“This one is ‘Courage’,” said Arrow, thumping his tail even harder to the beat of the music. “And yes, this would be a good song to have for your favourite Hip song.”

“Do you think we are going to listen to the Hip on our vacation road trip?” asked Cutie, also thumping her tail.

“Of course,” said Arrow. “We can’t have a road trip without listening to the Hip.”

“Sweet,” said Cutie. “Oh look! Mommy and Daddy are crying.”

“That is because Gord Downie, the lead singer, has a rare incurable brain cancer,” said Arrow, thumping his tail to the beat of the Hip song, Bobcaygeon. “This is the song ‘Bobcaygeon’.”

“Oh,” said Cutie, dabbing her paw at her eyes.

“Are you crying too?” asked Arrow, who had tears in his eyes as well.

“Yes,” admitted Cutie. “So are you.”

“Yeah,” said Arrow. “I am.”

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