Racum’s Best Christmas

It was mid-December in the Big Dark Forest. The animals in the forest were scurrying around trying to get the forest decorated for Christmas.

“Father,” said Racum Raccoon, noticing his Father walking through the forest. “Wait up!”

Racum Raccoon had to take double big footsteps to catch up to his father. When he saw the look on his father’s face, he immediately knew that there was something wrong.

“What is it Father?” asked Racum. “What is wrong?”

“The plant is laying off half of its employees,” said Mr. Raccoon. “I might be losing my job.”

“Oh dear,” said Racum. “That is bad news.”

“Yes,” said Mr. Raccoon, noticing Racum carrying a bag of Christmas decorations under his arm. “It is bad news. If I lose my job, there won’t be any Christmas for us.”

“Father,” said Racum. “Just because you lose your job it doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate Christmas.”

“In a way it does,” said Mr. Raccoon. “We won’t have any money for Christmas gifts or a turkey or anything.”

“Father,” said Racum. “I don’t care about Christmas gifts or even the turkey. That isn’t what Christmas is to me. I care about you and Mother. If you lose your job, we can still celebrate Christmas, just the three of us, together.”

A tear formed in the corner of Mr. Raccoon’s eye.

“You are a very special son,” said Mr. Raccoon, patting Racum on the head. “Very special indeed.”

In the coming few days, Mr. Raccoon did lose his job at the plant. However, because he had his family there to support him, he took it well.

“I do wish one thing,” said Mr. Raccoon, one night after dinner.

“What do you wish?” asked Mrs. Raccoon.

“Well,” said Mr. Raccoon. “I do wish that we had enough money to put on a proper Christmas dinner. That Racum has been so good over the past few days with me being out of work and everything, he deserves to at least have a proper Christmas dinner.”

Racum came into the living room, where his parents were sitting. He had his piggy bank with him. He emptied the contents of the piggy bank onto the coffee table and started counting it.

“I have almost $40,” said Racum, handing the money to his parents. “Now we can have a proper Christmas dinner.”

“Oh my!” cried Mrs. Raccoon, tears streaming down her face.

“But son,” said Mr. Raccoon. “You’ve been saving that money for months. I thought you were going to buy yourself a new bike in the spring.”

“Father and Mother,” said Racum. “I’d rather give my money to you. I can always start saving again after Christmas.”

Mr. and Mrs. Raccoon didn’t know what to do. They were so proud of Racum for the way that he was handling this situation. They did not want to take his money from him because they knew he had worked hard for that money. Racum would not take no for an answer, however. He wanted his parents to have that money.

That next day, Mr. and Mrs. Raccoon went into town and purchased the food for their Christmas dinner with the money that Racum had given them. They were at the check-out when they overheard something that was very exciting.

“Hey Mr. Raccoon,” said Mr. Skunk. “Have you heard that the plant had made a mistake? They are going to recall everyone back to work. There is no layoff!”

“Are you serious, Mr. Skunk?” asked Mr. Raccoon. “There is no layoff.”

“I’m serious!” exclaimed Mr. Skunk. “I heard it was all a huge mistake and that they really need us workers. We are supposed to start back to work tomorrow. I’ve even heard that they are giving us a Christmas bonus this year because of the mistake.”

“Oh this is wonderful news,” cried Mr. Raccoon. “And I know exactly what I am doing with my Christmas bonus too! Come on dear, let’s go to that new bike shop that just opened up around the corner.”

That Christmas morning, under the Christmas tree, was a bright and shiny new bicycle.

“A new bike!” exclaimed Racum.

“Yes son,” said Mr. Raccoon. “I don’t know anyone in this world that deserves that bike more than you.”

“Thank you!” exclaimed Racum. “Thank you!”

“Merry Christmas!” exclaimed Mr. and Mrs. Raccoon. “Merry Christmas!”

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