Harvest Time

Joshua and his wife, Penny were very busy. It was harvest time and they needed everyone to co-operate and that included their scarecrows, Lonely Scarecrow and Dallas.

“It is very important that you scarecrows are ready and alert,” said Penny, stuffing the scarecrows with a bit more straw. “We are relying on you more than ever. It is time for you to shine.”

Lonely Scarecrow and Dallas sat on their fence posts with their chests made of straw, stuck out. They felt proud that Joshua and Penny were relying on them to keep their crops safe from crows. However, deep down in the pits of their straw stomachs, they were scared. They didn’t want to mess up. They didn’t want to disappoint Joshua or Penny.

Lonely Scarecrow and Dallas had been doing a good job of keeping the crows away from the freshly harvested crops. However, there was one crow that started taunting them.

I know you aren’t real,” said the crow. “I know you are just a stuffed shirt.”

The crow would sit on the fence between Lonely Scarecrow and Dallas. He taunted them and threatened them that he would tell all his friends. Lonely Scarecrow and Dallas were scared. They were afraid this one crow was going to mess things up for them. They both felt useless because with no wind, they were not able to move.

“Okay,” said the crow. “It doesn’t look like you can stop me.”

All of a sudden, the wind picked up. Lonely Scarecrow and Dallas’ arms started flying around, their heads shook back and forth and their legs kicked out from under them.

“You are real!” cried the crow, who flew away, scared out of his wits, yelling at his friends to stay away too.

That crow never came back. His friends also stayed away.

“We are so proud of you,” said Penny to Lonely Scarecrow and Dallas. “We saw some crows coming into the field earlier but then, all of a sudden they all flew away. You two really did your jobs well.”

That scared feeling Lonely Scarecrow and Dallas felt in the pits of their straw stomachs went away.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always do the best job you can do.
  • Example: Lonely Scarecrow and Dallas did a good job of keeping the crows away from the fields.

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