Farming Life

Fred the Farmer was up at the crack of dawn. The morning air felt a bit chilly but Fred the Farmer didn’t care. He felt alive and refreshed.

“I love being outdoors,” said Fred the Farmer as he loaded several bales of hay onto the pickup truck to take down to the barn to feed his cattle.

Fred the Farmer fed and watered all of the cows, pigs, chickens and geese. He took the time to make sure all the buildings, pens and gates were secure and everything was working properly.

“A bit of preventive maintenance each day saves money and time,” Fred the Farmer’s dad had said to him the morning he announced his retirement and handed the reins of the family farm over to him.

“That is a statement I will live by,” said Fred the Farmer, giving his dad a hug.

Fred the Farmer finished the morning chores. He went up to the house to see if his dad would like to go into town with him.

“I have to pick up some supplies at the feed store,” said Fred the Farmer to his dad. “Would you like to come?”

“Sure,” said Dad. “It’s been awhile since I was in Lindsay. I would love to go.”

“Great,” said Fred the Farmer. “I don’t want to be gone the whole day. I do have tons to do around here.”

“We’ll see,” said Dad, laughing. “I was hoping we could go to the farmer’s market. I also would like to go to the auction house.”

“Okay fine,” said Fred the Farmer, laughing because he knew he wasn’t going to get much done.

“It is okay if you take a day and relax,” said Dad in the truck as Fred the Farmer drove to Lindsay. “I’ve seen you these past few weeks. You have been working yourself to the bone. I bet you will feel energized and refreshed if you took the day off.”

Fred the Farmer got his supplies, once they arrived in Lindsay and then he took his dad around to the places that he wanted to go.

Fred the Farmer had to admit. It was fun spending the day with his dad. It had been awhile since he was able to do so.

“How about lunch?” asked Fred the Farmer. “My treat.”

“You know I could never turn down a free lunch,” said Dad, laughing.

Fred the Farmer took his dad to a quaint little pub just outside of town. He actually took the time to enjoy his meal, instead of wolfing it down, like he normally does.

“You were right,” said Fred the Farmer to his dad the next day. “I do feel refreshed after spending the day with you. I really enjoyed myself.”

“I did as well,” said Dad. “It was nice to spend some time with you.”

“Yes,” said Fred the Farmer. “It certainly was. We should do that more often.”

“How about tomorrow?” asked Dad, laughing.


Moral of this Story:

  • Farming is a tough life and it is good to take a day off from it and spend it with your family.
  • Example: Fred the Farmer took the day off from farming to spend with his dad and he felt refreshed after doing so.

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