Late Autumn Dance

It was late autumn, You know, the awkward time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was dull and dreary outside. The weather alone, was making people sad.

“There are so many sad people,” said Sunshine Sally, looking at everyone’s face when they walked by her. “There must be something that I can do to put a smile on their faces.”

Sunshine Sally walked by the old dance hall. She remembered there used to be dances held there every few weeks. She also remembered people loved to dance and they loved the music.

“The dances stopped because people were just too busy,’ said Sunshine Sally to herself. “I think a late autumn dance is just what we need though.”

Sunshine Sally talked to Roy, the owner of the dance hall. He agreed that a late autumn dance would be wonderful.

“I think this is just what the town needs,” said Roy.

Roy told Sunshine Sally that if she cleaned the place up, he would pitch in and loan the dance hall to her for free. He was also a singer so, he would provide the entertainment.

Sunshine Sally cleaned the dance hall from top to bottom the next day. She also made some flyers and handed them out. The local bakery offered to supply snacks for the dance, free of charge.

“This dance was a great idea,” said Roy to Sunshine Sally, the night of the dance. “Look at how happy everyone is.”

Sunshine Sally agreed. It sure was nice to see people smiling and having a great time.

“I think we need to hold dances more often,” said Roy.

“I agree,” said Sunshine Sally.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to care about whether other people are happy or not.
  • Example: Sunshine Sally saw the sad look on the faces of people. She thought about holding a late autumn dance to make people happy.

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