I Promise

Racum Raccoon was standing outside the School of the Big Dark Forest, when he saw Mad Dog Wolf walking toward him.

“Mad Dog,” said Racum, noticing that his friend wasn’t going to stop. “Wait up!”

Racum ran down the roadway as quickly as he could to catch up to Mad Dog.

“What’s wrong?” Racum asked, noticing that Mad Dog was very upset.

“Do you promise not to laugh at me?” asked Mad Dog, close to tears.

“Of course I promise,” said Racum, seriously.

“I failed my Math test today,” said Mad Dog.

“I am so sorry,” said Racum.

“You didn’t laugh,” said Mad Dog.

“I promised you that I wouldn’t,” said Racum. “I always keep my promises.”

“Well, Sly Fox said that he would keep his promise,” said Mad Dog. “He laughed after I told him about my test.”

“Sly Fox is just plain mean,” said Racum.

“Yes,” said Mad Dog. “He is very mean. He picks on me all the time. He was supposed to come over last night and help me study.”

”Oh Mad Dog,” said Racum. ”Sly always says things like that. I’m sure he means well, but he never follows through on anything.”

”I see,” said Mad Dog.

”Listen,” said Racum. ”We are going to have another Math test this Tuesday. I could help you study this weekend, if you like.”

”That would be great,” said Mad Dog. ”Do you promise?”

“Yes I promise,” said Racum.

”Thank you, Racum,” said Mad Dog.

”No problem,” said Racum. “I’ll see you Saturday morning.”

“Okay Racum,” said Mad Dog. ”See you then.”

Saturday morning came and Racum was surprised to see Sly Fox at his front door.
”Good morning, Racum,” said Sly.

“Hello, Sly,” said Racum.

“Do you want to play baseball with me?” asked Sly.

”l can’t,” said Racum. “I have to help Mad Dog study for his Math test.”

“Why don’t you come with me first?” asked Sly. “You can always go to Mad Dogs this afternoon.”

“Sly, I promised Mad Dog that I would help him,” said Racum.

“Can’t you break your promise?” Sly asked.

“Just like you did,” said Racum. “Mad Dog told me how you said that you would help him and then you didn’t even show up! That was so mean, Sly. Mad Dog failed that Math test.”

“I’m sorry,” said Sly. “I just didn’t think he really needed my help.”

”I’m not the one you need to apologize to,” said Racum. “Besides, Mad Dog told you he needed help.”

“Well the real reason I didn’t help him is because I didn’t understand the stuff we have been doing in Math, either,” Sly confessed. “I failed that Math test, too!”

“You did!” exclaimed Racum.

“Yes,” said Sly. ”I did.”

“What about the stuff we learned recently?” asked Racum. “Do you understand it?”

“Not really,” said Sly.

“I’ve got a great idea,” said Racum. ”Why don’t you come with me to Mad Dogs and l will help both of you?”

“Are you sure?” asked Sly.

“Sure,” said Racum. “Then maybe after we are done studying we could all play baseball together.”

“Okay,” said Sly.

“You kept your promise,” said Mad Dog, to Racum, when Racum and Sly showed up at his door.

“Yes Mad Dog,” said Racum. “I always keep my promises. Sly is going to get some extra help, too. He failed his Math test, too.”

“That’s why l didn’t come over to help you the other night,” said Sly. “I didn’t understand the Math we have been doing, either.”

“You didn’t,” said Mad Dog.

“No,” said Sly. “Racum is going to help both of us.”

“Okay,” said Mad Dog.

Racum spent about two hours helping his friends with their Math. Afterwards, both Mad Dog and Sly understood what Racum had taught them.

“Thank you, Racum,” said Mad Dog. “I know I will pass that Math test this time.”

“So will I,” said Sly. “Now Mad Dog, would you like to play baseball with us?”

“Sure,” said Mad Dog. “I would love too!”

Racum, Sly and Mad Dog had a wonderful time together, playing baseball all afternoon. When Tuesday rolled around, Sly and Mad Dog both passed their Math tests with flying colours!


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always a good idea to keep a promise.
  • Example: Sly Fox didn’t help Mad Dog Wolf with his math test like he promised and Mad Dog failed the test.
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