Patty and Melissa were two sisters that lived in Sharbot Lake, Ontario.

Patty was eight years old and Melissa was six. It was summertime and it was hot, unlike last summer, which was very cool and wet. Both girls were sitting on the back porch of their home. Sweat dripped from their noses.

“Boy, it’s hot!” exclaimed Patty. “I think that we should go into the house and have some of that lemonade that Mom made.”

“Lemonade,” said Melissa, excitedly. “That sounds so good!”

Patty and Melissa poured themselves a big glass of the cool refreshing liquid. They both gulped it down quickly.

“Yum!” said Patty. “That was good.”

“You know,” said Melissa. “We should have a lemonade stand.”

“Yes,” said Patty. “That’s a great idea.”

The two girls asked their mother if she would help them make some lemonade for them.

“Sure,” said Mother.

The girls made a big sign out of bristol board and set it and their stand on their front lawn. Since there was a crew of construction workers just down the road, Patty and Melissa sold all their lemonade within an hour.

That whole week, Patty and Melissa had their booth open. By the end of the week, the two girls made over .00.

“Well,” said Patty, with the box of money on her lap. “What should we do with our money?”

“We should buy that new CD that we both like,” said Melissa.

“That’s a good idea,” said Patty.

That night, after dinner, everyone was sitting around the table.

“Gee!” exclaimed Father. “There’s a little boy that was in the paper tonight. He needs a heart transplant. Imagine that! The poor little guy. The hospital is asking for donations to help him.”

Patty looked at Melissa and Melissa looked at Patty.

“Mom,” said Patty. “That money that we made from our lemonade stand, could you give it to the little boy for us.”

“I sure can,” said Mother proudly. “That is a very wise and unselfish thing to do.”

“Yes,” said Father. “I am very proud of the two of you. I know that there were probably other things that you wanted to do with your money.”

“Well,” said Melissa. “That little boy needs the money worse than we do.”

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