A Surprise for Troll Brother

“Troll Sister,” said Troll Brother. “Let’s go to the store and buy some candy.”

“Okay,” said Troll Sister. “l love candy!”

Troll Brother and Troll Sister walked hand in hand to the Troll Town Corner Store. They both went straight to the candy section. Troll Sister saw some of her favourite candy, red licorice.

“Troll Brother, can I buy some red licorice?” Troll Sister asked.

“Sure you can,” said Troll Brother. “How much money do you have?”

“Let’s see,” said Troll Sister, digging into the pocket on her jeans. “I have $5.26.”

“Where did you get all the money?” asked Troll Brother.

“The $5.00 I got for my birthday,” said Troll Sister. “The 25¢ l got from Troll Daddy for cleaning up my room and the penny, I found that on the sidewalk yesterday.”

“All I have is $1.00,” said Troll Brother.

“I will buy you some candy,” said Troll Sister.

“You will,” said Troll Brother. “How come?”

“Because you’re my brother and I love you,” said Troll Sister, smiling.

“That is really nice of you,” said Troll Brother. “If I had any birthday money, I would save it.”

“What would you save it for?” asked Troll Sister.

“I think I would save it and buy myself a new baseball mitt,” said Troll Brother.

“Troll Brother,” said Troll Sister. “I’m not going to buy you any candy. Okay.”

“But you said you would,” said Troll Brother.

“I changed my mind,” said Troll Sister. “I’ve decided to save my money instead.”

“What are you going to save up for?” asked Troll Brother. “A dollie!”

“No,” said Troll Sister. “Something really nice.”

Troll Sister and Troll Brother walked home from the store in silence. Neither one of them bought any candy.

”Troll Daddy,” said Troll Sister that evening after dinner when Troll Brother was upstairs doing his homework. “How much does a baseball mitt cost?”

“Why sweetheart?” Troll Daddy asked.

“I want to buy one for Troll Brother,” said Troll Sister.

“They are about $30.00 or $40.00,” said Troll Daddy.

”Oh,” said Troll Sister. ”I only have $5.26.”

“I see,” said Troll Daddy. ”Well, I guess you don’t quite have enough money, then.”

“No, I don’t,” said Troll Sister.

“That is a very nice thing you want to do for Troll Brother,” said Troll Daddy.

“I just want to get him something nice,” said Troll Sister.

“I’ll tell you what,” said Troll Daddy. “How good would you be at helping me clean out the garage tomorrow?”

”Sure I could do that,” said Troll Sister.

“Alright,” said Troll Daddy. “You help me tomorrow morning and then I’ll help you buy Troll Brother a baseball mitt.”

“Okay,” said Troll Sister. “You have a deal!”

Troll Sister went upstairs to her bedroom. She saw Troll Brother’s bedroom light on and went into his room. Troll Brother was looking at a catalogue.

“What are you looking at?” asked Troll Sister.

”Just baseball mitts,” said Troll Brother.

“Which one is your favourite?” asked Troll Sister.

“This one,” said Troll Brother, pointing to the one he liked the most.

“Well good night,” said Troll Sister.

“Good night,” said Troll Brother, not moving his eyes from the catalogue.

Troll Sister could barely sleep that night. She was so excited about getting Troll Brother a baseball mitt.

“You’re up early this morning,” said Troll Mother, when Troll Sister came down the stairs at 7:00 a.m. the next morning.

“Where is Troll Daddy?” asked Troll Sister.

“He’s in the garage waiting for you,” said Troll Mother. “By the way, that is a very nice thing you are doing for Troll Brother.”

”Thank you,” said Troll Sister.

Troll Sister worked hard with Troll Daddy all morning. By noon, the garage was clean. Troll Daddy and Troll Sister went back into the house to get cleaned up.

“Troll Daddy, can you drive me to the Troll Park?” asked Troll Brother.

“Sorry,” said Troll Daddy. “I have to go to the Troll Town Mall with Troll Sister.”

“Don’t go anywhere until we get back,” said Troll Sister.

Troll Daddy and Troll Sister went to the mall and while finding the sports section at the Troll Town department store, Troll Sister saw a beautiful doll.

“Sure is a beauty,” said Troll Daddy.

”Yes, Troll Daddy, she is beautiful,” said Troll Sister. ”Oh look, there’s the baseball mitts.”

Troll Sister pointed to the aisle that she saw out of the corner of her eye. Both her and Troll Daddy went over to it. Troll Sister immediately found the very same baseball mitt that Troll Brother was looking at in the catalogue the previous night.

“This is the one he wants,” said Troll Sister, excitedly.

Troll Sister paid for her purchase and just as they got to the car, Troll Daddy told Troll Sister to wait for him.

“There is something l forgot to buy,” said Troll Daddy. “I will be back in a minute.”

Just as he promised, Troll Daddy was back within minutes. He had a rather large parcel with him that he put in the trunk of the car.

“Troll Brother, Troll Brother!” exclaimed Troll Sister as soon as she opened up the kitchen door. “I got you something special! I got you something special!”

“Is she ever excited?” laughed Troll Mother.

”Yes, she is,” said Troll Daddy, winking at Troll Mother. “You would think that she is the one getting the surprise.”

“What do you want?” asked Troll Brother, coming out to the kitchen.

“Sit down and close your eyes,” said Troll Sister, pulling out a kitchen chair for her brother.

Once, Troll Brother was sitting and had his eyes closed, Troll Sister placed the baseball mitt in her brother’s lap.

“Open your eyes!” exclaimed Troll Sister, excitedly.

“Wow!” exclaimed Troll Brother. “A baseball mitt! It’s the exact one I wanted, too!”

“Just so you know,” said Troll Daddy. “Troll Sister bought you that mitt with money she earned from helping me clean the garage this morning.

“You did?” Troll Brother asked Troll Sister.

“Yes, l did,” said Troll Sister.

“Wow!” said Troll Brother. “That was really nice of you. Thank you.”

“You are welcome,” said Troll Sister.

“Now it’s your turn to sit down and close your eyes, Troll Sister,” said Troll Daddy.

Troll Sister did as she was told. Troll Daddy placed a large parcel in Troll Sister’s lap.

“Open your eyes,” said Troll Daddy.

”Oh my!” gasped Troll Sister, looking into the eyes of the doll she had seen at the store. “Troll Daddy, she’s beautiful!”

”I got you that doll because that was such an unselfish thing you did for your brother,” said Troll Daddy proudly.

A few minutes later, Troll Brother went upstairs and then came back into the kitchen.

“Troll Mother, can I go to the store?” asked Troll Brother.

“Sure you can,” said Troll Mother.

Troll Brother went to the store and bought a dollars worth of red licorice.

“Troll Sister,” said Troll Brother, handing her a bag full of the red licorice. “Thank you so much for the baseball mitt. I love it!”

“You are welcome,” said Troll Sister, handing Troll Brother a licorice. “Thank you!”

“Lets all go to Troll Park,” said Troll Daddy. “We can all play baseball.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It pays to not be selfish.
  • Example: Troll Daddy bought Troll Sister the doll she wanted because she worked to help pay for a baseball mitt for her brother.
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