Troll Family’s Mother’s Day

”Troll Daddy,” said Troll Sister. “This weekend is Mother’s Day. We should do something nice for Troll Mother.”

“I’ve got it all worked out,” said Troll Daddy. “I will need your help, though.”

“Sure,” said Troll Sister. ”I’ll help you.”

”I want to help, too,” said Troll Brother, coming into the kitchen.

“Me too!” exclaimed Troll Baby, standing in the doorway.

”Okay,” said Troll Daddy. ”You can all help.”

Troll Daddy and the Troll children spent the rest of that week getting ready for Troll Mother’s Mother’s Day Surprise.

Mother’s Day finally arrived. While Troll Mother was still sleeping, Troll Daddy woke each of the Troll children up.

”Happy Mother’s Day,” said Troll Baby, gently giving Troll Mother a kiss.

”Oh dear,” said Troll Mother, waking up to see Troll Baby standing beside her bed in his pajamas, holding an envelope in his hand.

“Here Troll Mother,” said Troll Baby, handing the envelope to her.

”Oh,” said Troll Mother, opening up the envelope. “What a beautiful card!”

”I made it myself,” said Troll Baby, proudly.

“Thank you very much,” said Troll Mother, giving Troll Baby a kiss on his cheek.

“Good morning, dear,” said Troll Daddy, coming into the bedroom with a bouquet of fresh spring flowers. ”Happy Mother’s Day!”

”Well, thank you,” said Troll Mother, happily. “They are beautiful!”

“You’re welcome dear,” said Troll Daddy.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Troll Sister and Troll Brother, carrying a breakfast tray.

“Look at all this beautiful food here,” said Troll Mother, sitting up to get comfortable. ”This looks great! You are spoiling me!”

”You spoil us every day of the year,” said Troll Daddy. “Today is our turn to spoil you.”

“Thank you,” said Troll Mother, wiping a tear from her eye.

“Now eat up,” said Troll Daddy. “We have a few more surprises in store for you today.”

Troll Mother ate her delicious breakfast, which consisted of bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and juice. After she ate, she enjoyed a luxurious bubble bath and then she got dressed and came downstairs to find Troll Sister and Troll Brother cleaning the kitchen and Troll Daddy and Troll Baby packing the picnic basket.

“l see we are going on a picnic,” said Troll Mother. “This is going to be fun.”

”First we are going to go to the zoo,” said Troll Daddy.

”Great!” exclaimed Troll Mother. “I haven’t been to the zoo in years!”

The Troll Family had a wonderful time at the Troll Town Zoo. They also enjoyed a wonderful picnic lunch at the nearby Troll Town Park.

”What a wonderful Mother’s Day this has been!” exclaimed Troll Mother.

“It’s not over yet,” said Troll Daddy.

“It’s not!” said Troll Mother, in amazement. ”We have done so much already.”

“Well, we do have one more little surprise,” said Troll Daddy. ”We are going to take you out for dinner.”

”Really,” said Troll Mother. ”Where are we going to go?”

”We are going to take you to the new family restaurant at the Troll Town mall,” said Troll Daddy.

”I’ve wanted to go there since it opened,” said Troll Mother.

The Troll family enjoyed their dinner at the new restaurant.

”I could get used to this kind of treatment every day,” said Troll Mother.

”Yes, I’m sure you could,” laughed Troll Daddy. ”However, I’m not sure my pocket book could handle it!”

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