Mrs. Tulip and a Happy Spring

“I am so happy,” said Mrs. Tulip, waking up in the garden dirt from her long winter nap and stretching her leaves. “Spring is finally here. I can walk around the garden and stretch.” Mrs. Tulip was very happy about spring being there because it was a long winter. “I am going to go for […] Read More

White Christmas

Colour Kid grew up in Sharbot Lake, Ontario, Canada and as a young boy, he could always remember having a white Christmas. He remembers Christmas was a special time of year, very magical. However, as he grew up, not every Christmas was white. Some Christmases were green. He was not very fond of the green […] Read More

Lonely Scarecrow Sees a Flock of Crows

“Good morning Dallas,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “Oh good morning Lonely Scarecrow,” said Dallas. “I didn’t realize it was morning already.” “Time for me to keep watch,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “I had an uneventful evening,” said Dallas. “That is good,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “I should have a pretty uneventful day then.” “Yes,” said Dallas. “You should. […] Read More

Frankie is Thankful for Anna

“Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving?” asked Frankie, one autumn evening, after Anna had finished work at the diner. “No,” said Anna. “I have to work the night before Thanksgiving. I will be pretty exhausted.” “How about I cook Thanksgiving dinner?” asked Frankie. “That would be wonderful,” said Anna. “Are you sure you can […] Read More

The Fresh Veggie Family

“My vegetables are growing nicely,” said Farmer Fred to himself as he checked on the progress of his first ever vegetable garden that he had planted. Farmer Fred was very pleased with the progress of his garden. This was something new to him. He normally has a huge herd of cattle on his farm. It […] Read More

Mrs. Robin Loves Being a Mother

“Today is Mother’s Day,” said Mrs. Robin to herself, waking up so she could enjoy the warm sunshine while her three babies were asleep. Mrs. Robin looked over at her babies in the nest. She felt a strong wave of pure love wash over her. “These three babies are my life,” said Mrs. Robin. “They […] Read More

Fawn and Spot’s Spring Cleaning

“Guess what?” asked Spot, seeing cobwebs and dust everywhere. “What?” asked Fawn, just waking up. “It is time for spring cleaning,” said Spot, grabbing a mop and bucket. “The barn is filthy. There, are cobwebs and dust everywhere.” “Have fun,” said Fawn, pulling the blankets up over his head. “I am going back to sleep.” […] Read More

Forgetful Fred Forgets the Easter Ham

“I think there was something I am forgetting,” said Forgetful Fred, coming out of the grocery store. “Oh well, I can’t remember what it was. It couldn’t have been that important.” Forgetful Fred went home. His wife, Sarah, was not home from work yet. He put the groceries away, warmed up some leftovers for dinner […] Read More

Early Flowers

“I am so happy to see the sun shining,” said Mrs. Tulip, waking up from her long winter nap. “Good morning,” said Mr. Squirrel. “I see you are awake.” “Yes,” said Mrs. Tulip. “I am awake and it feels so good.” “Aren’t you a little early?” asked Mr. Squirrel. “Tulips are early flowers,” said Mrs. […] Read More

Mrs. Tulip

“It is a beautiful spring day,” said Mrs. Tulip, waking up from her long winter nap. “I want to go for a walk.” Mrs. Tulip put on her walking shoes and stepped outside of the garden. She was so happy because she could see the green grass growing, the bluest sky ever and the bright […] Read More

Cranky Bunny

“I shouldn’t have stayed up so late last night,” said Cranky Bunny, waking up one morning just before Easter. “I can feel that I am in a cranky mood already.” “It is about time you woke up,” said Mother. “I need your help in planning our Easter dinner.” “I am not going to help you,” […] Read More