Easter Lily

“Oh dear,” said Easter Lily, waking up from her long winter nap. “My legs feel a bit wobbly.”

“Well,” said Renee Chickadee, Easter Lily’s best friend. “Give them a few days and they will be fine.”

“Yes,” said Easter Lily. “I am sure they will be fine.”

Easter Lily looked over her left petals and she saw a few monarch butterflies fly past her. They were absolutely beautiful.

“Now, that is something we haven’t seen in awhile,” said Renee. “It is nice to see them.”

“It sure is,” said Easter Lily. “I love their colours. They are magnificent, bright orange and black.”

“The flowers in the garden are so brilliant,” said Renee. “They are bright yellow, purple and pink.”

“Yes,” said Easter Lily, looking around at all the flowers in the garden. “Everything is so bright and colourful.”

“I suppose that after being asleep all winter that it is nice to wake up to colour,” said Renee.

“It definitely is,” said Easter Lily.

Renee saw a baby bunny hopping through the garden.

“What a beautiful sight,” said Renee, whispering so as not to scare the baby bunny away.

“Oh yes,” said Easter Lily. “I love bunnies.”

“Me too,” said Renee. “So, it is about a week until Easter. Are you going to be able to achieve your goal of making sure nobody around the garden is sad?”

“Oh yes,” said Easter Lily. “I am pretty sure I will be able to do that.”

“I do see a man sitting on the bench beside the oak tree,” said Renee. “He looks sad.”

Easter Lily stood up straight and shook the dirt off her feet. She slowly walked toward the oak tree. She stumbled a few times but the more she walked the stronger her legs were.

“Sir,” said Easter Lily, once she got to the tree. “You look sad. Are you okay?”

“I am sad,” said the man. “I lost my job today. Soon, my children will be starving and I will not be able to provide for them.”

“I am sorry that you lost your job,” said Easter Lily. “However, it isn’t the end of the world. There are other jobs out there. Maybe you will get a better job with more money.”

“You know,” said the man. “You are right. There are other jobs out there and maybe I will get a better one and make more money.”

The man got up off the bench and walked away.

“Good job,” said Renee, landing in the oak tree above Easter Lily’s head.

“Thank you,” said Easter Lily. “I think that man is going to be just fine.”

The next morning, the man came back to the oak tree to talk to Easter Lily.

“Thank you very much for your talk yesterday,” said the man. “You made me believe in myself. I have a few job interviews lined up and I am pretty sure I will be working by the end of the week.”

“That is wonderful news,” said Easter Lily. “I knew you could it.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes it is best to take to others about our problems.
  • Example: After talking to Easter Lily, the man felt better.

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