Arrow and Cutie’s Christmas Mix-Up

“Cutie,” said Arrow. “Today is Christmas.”
“What!” exclaimed Cutie. “I thought we had a few days yet.”
“Nope,” said Arrow. “It is today.”
“Oh boy!” exclaimed Cutie. “I can’t believe it. Let’s go wake up Mommy and Daddy! We have presents to open.”
“Let’s go!” exclaimed Arrow.
Cutie and Arrow ran up the stairs to Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom as fast as they could go. Cutie jumped up on Daddy’s chest and Arrow jumped up beside Mommy. Both cats started giving Mommy and Daddy kisses.
“Good morning Cutie,” said Daddy, waking up to Cutie looking right at him. “How is my girl this morning?”
Cutie started purring like crazy. Arrow was still giving Mommy kisses. Cutie just couldn’t stand it any longer. She wanted to open her presents. All of a sudden she jumped off the bed and ran downstairs as fast as she could go. Arrow followed her. The two cats made a ton of noise.
“They sound like a bold of thunder,” said Mommy.
“Yes they do,” said Daddy. “What has gotten into the two of them? It is almost as if they think it is Christmas morning.”
“That’s it,” said Mommy. “I bet they do think it is Christmas morning.”
“Well,” said Daddy. “That would explain their behaviour.”
“Yes,” said Mommy. “It certainly would They are just cats after all. They wouldn’t know they still have two days left.”
“True,” said Daddy, getting up and getting dressed.
Just as Daddy was getting his slippers on, Arrow came running back up the stairs as fast as he could go. He almost ran right into Daddy.
“Slow down,” said Daddy.
Cutie came running up the stairs a few minutes later. She swatted Arrow with her paws.
“Why are there no presents under the tree?” asked Cutie. “Why aren’t Mommy and Daddy getting up quicker? I don’t think it is Christmas yet. Arrow, you tricked me.”
“You know,” said Daddy, after witnessing Cutie swat Arrow. “I have a feeling this was all just a ploy from Arrow. I bet he was trying to get his Christmas present early.”
“You are probably right,” said Mommy, seeing a look of guilt on Arrow’s face. “He sure does look guilty of something.”

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