Angry Cat Lost his Christmas Spirit

It was getting close to Christmas. Angry Cat was sitting on the kitchen floor with his sister, Harriet.

“We need to start decorating the Christmas tree,” said Harriet. “It is getting close to being Christmas.”

“I am not going to decorate a Christmas tree,” said Angry Cat, angrily.

“And why not?” asked Harriet. “Christmas trees are beautiful and colourful.”

“They might be beautiful and colourful,” said Angry Cat. “But I just don’t think a tree should be brought into a house.”

“What is going on with you?” asked Harriet. “Why are you so angry? Christmas is almost here. You need to find your Christmas spirit and you need to find it fast or you are going to ruin Christmas for everyone.”

Angry Cat thought about what Harriet said. He thought about why he was so angry. He knew he wasn’t angry at his sister. Harriet was cute and adorable. He also knew he wasn’t angry at the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree didn’t do anything to him. So, what was it that was making him so angry?

“Christmas,” thought Angry Cat. “Christmas is what is making me so angry.”

Angry Cat thought long and hard about the wonderful Christmas dinner that Mother would cook for him and Harriet. That didn’t make him angry. He loved turkey and gravy and pumpkin pie.

Angry Cat thought about the presents he would get. He knew he wasn’t angry about that. No matter what, Mother always seemed to get Angry Cat and Harriet what they wanted. So, why was he so angry about Christmas?

Angry Cat thought about the Christmas presents he was going to give to Mother and Harriet.

“That’s it,” said Angry Cat to himself. “That is why I am so angry about Christmas. I am not sure if Harriet will like what I got her.”

Angry Cat got Harriet a make-up mirror. It was pink and it had sparkles all along the edge of it. It was a beautiful mirror but Angry Cat thought he should also get Harriet something else to go with it, like some make-up or a jewelry box.

Angry Cat went into his bedroom and got his wallet.

“Where are you going?” asked Harriet, when she saw her brother go out the front door.

“I am going to find my Christmas spirit,” said Angry Cat.

“About time!” exclaimed Harriet, happily.

Moral of this Story:

    • Always keep searching for your Christmas spirit.
    • Example: Angry Cat didn’t want to have a Christmas tree but Harriet told him to find his Christmas spirit.
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