Sprinkles on Groundhog Day

Sprinkles on Groundhog Day …

“Now,” said Sprinkles’ Mother. “Your grandmother is expecting this cake. It is cold outside so make sure you dress warm.”

“Yes Mother,” said Sprinkles, putting on her winter coat and boots. “I sure wish that winter was over.”

“I do too,” said Mother.

Sprinkles walked through the forest to her grandmother’s house. She carried the box with the cake in it being very careful not to drop it. About fifty feet from her grandmother’s house, she saw a groundhog pop his head out of his hole.

“Hello Mr. Groundhog,” said Sprinkles. “It sure is a cold winter day. My name is Sprinkles. I am taking a cake to grandmother.”

“A cake,” said the groundhog. “How I would love a piece of cake?”

“Isn’t today Groundhog Day?” asked Sprinkles.

“Yes,” said the groundhog. “It is.”

“It does look like you didn’t see your shadow,” said Sprinkles. “That means spring will be here soon. I would love to see an early spring.”

“That is correct,” said the groundhog. “Does that mean I can have a piece of cake?”

“I think so,” said Sprinkles.

Sprinkles cut a slice of cake and handed it to the groundhog. When she did, some of the sprinkles fell off her hair and landed on the cake.

“Cake with sprinkles,” said the groundhog. “This is going to be so good.”

Sprinkles explained to the groundhog that instead of hair, she had sprinkles. She explained that her sprinkles automatically grew back in.

“Could I have some more sprinkles?” asked the groundhog.

Sprinkles gave him a huge handful. The groundhog was so grateful. He ate the sprinkles and his piece of cake all up.

“I have to get to my grandmothers now,” said Sprinkles. “She is expecting me to bring her this cake.”

Sprinkles went to her grandmother’s.

“Where did that missing piece of cake go?” asked Grandmother.

“I saw a groundhog and he didn’t see his shadow,” explained Sprinkles. “He wanted a piece of cake and I thought that since spring is coming soon it would be worth a piece of cake.”

“Yes,” said Grandmother. “Spring coming soon is definitely worth a piece of cake.”

“Yes,” said Sprinkles. “I agree. I gave him some of my sprinkles too.”

“Perfect,” said Grandmother. “Now, where are my sprinkles?”

“Right here,” said Sprinkles, giving a handful to Grandmother.


Moral of this Story:

  • We always want the groundhog to not see his shadow.
  • Example: Sprinkles wanted an early spring.


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