Frankie is Thankful for Anna

“Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving?” asked Frankie, one autumn evening, after Anna had finished work at the diner.

“No,” said Anna. “I have to work the night before Thanksgiving. I will be pretty exhausted.”

“How about I cook Thanksgiving dinner?” asked Frankie.

“That would be wonderful,” said Anna. “Are you sure you can do it?”

“It can’t be all that difficult, “said Frankie.

“You can always ask me things,” said Anna.

“I will be fine,” said Frankie.

The next day, Frankie went to the grocery store. He bought a turkey and all the fixings.

“I am very proud of you,” said Anna, when he showed her everything he had bought.

“Thank you,” said Frankie.

Thanksgiving day, Anna was still sleeping. Frankie made the stuffing for the turkey. He was struggling with putting the stuffing into the turkey but, luckily for him, Anna woke up and helped him. Anna was still exhausted so she went back to bed. While she was sleeping, Frankie prepared all the vegetables.

“You have done an amazing job,” said Anna, waking up from her nap. “The turkey smells amazing.”

Anna wanted to help but Frankie wouldn’t let her. He wanted her to relax.

Dinner was ready. Anna could see the potatoes were a little cold, the gravy was a bit lumpy and the turkey was a little over-cooked but she didn’t care. She was very thankful for the effort Frankie had put into it.

“That was the best,” said Anna.

“I am very thankful for you,” said Frankie. “I know the potatoes are a little cold, the gravy lumpy and the turkey a little over-cooked but you didn’t complain at all.”

“I just appreciate what you did,” said Anna. “Thank you.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always consider what a person went through to accomplish what they did before judging them.
  • Example: Anna didn’t complain that Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t perfect. She just appreciated what Frankie did for her.

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