Mrs. Robin Loves Being a Mother

“Today is Mother’s Day,” said Mrs. Robin to herself, waking up so she could enjoy the warm sunshine while her three babies were asleep.

Mrs. Robin looked over at her babies in the nest. She felt a strong wave of pure love wash over her.

“These three babies are my life,” said Mrs. Robin. “They mean everything to me.”

The three babies started to wake up. They were hungry so Mrs. Robin flew out of the nest, down onto the ground and gathered up some worms for her babies.

“The babies are much too young to know what Mother’s Day is,” said Mrs. Robin, feeding her babies the worms she just brought back to the nest. “I know I am not going to get any flowers or candy or even a card for Mother’s Day but, I love the fact that I am a mother.”

After the babies finished eating, Mrs. Robin cleaned each one of them. She then cleaned out the nest.

“I love taking care of my babies,” said Mrs. Robin. “It is fulfilling to me to watch them grow. I don’t need anything for Mother’s Day. Every thing I need, I have right here in this nest.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to appreciate what we do have.
  • Example: Mrs. Robin knows it is Mother’s Day and she also knows she isn’t getting anything from her three babies. However, she loves being a mother and taking care of them.
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