A Pest on Valentine’s Day

“Come on Valentine,” said Happy Heart, calling her pure white puppy to get into the car.

“It is Valentine’s Day and we have been called to go to Banff, Alberta. There have been some complaints from some of the tourists about Creepy Creature. I have to spread some love and happiness.”

Valentine had never been in a car before but he didn’t have a problem with it. He was an adventurous little pup.

“I put a blanket on the back seat for you,” said Happy Heart.

Happy Heart had to finish loading up the car. Valentine saw the blanket and then he noticed the empty front seat. He dragged the blanket up to the front seat and curled up there.

“As long as you be good,” said Happy Heart, when she saw where Valentine had curled up. “You can stay in the front seat.”

Valentine was very good in the car. Happy Heart was thankful because now she had a sidekick who can travel with her.

Happy Heart drove into Banff. It was a beautiful place, nestled in the snowcapped Rocky Mountains.

“There are a lot of people here,” said Happy Heart. “A very romantic town to be in for Valentine’s Day.”

Happy Heart saw couples walking on the sidewalk, holding hands. It was a beautiful sight to see. However, she then spotted Creepy Creature.

“Oh my,” thought Happy Heart. “He definitely looks creepy.”

Creepy Creature is a bright green creature with the texture of aluminum foil for skin. He has a long rat-like tail and a long red tongue.

Valentine saw Creepy Creature and he was scared. He decided he would stay in the car while Happy Heart went to check to see what was going on. Happy Heart watched as Creepy Creature went up to several of the couples and wrapped himself around their legs. He would not let go until the couples shook him off. He also started screaming at the top of his hugs.

“Creepy Creature,” said Happy Heart. “These couples have come here for a romantic weekend. They don’t need you pestering them.”

Creepy Creature went over to Happy Heart and wrapped himself around her legs. She tried shaking him off but he wouldn’t budge.

“Give me your candy,” screamed Creepy Creature.

“I don’t have any candy,” said Happy Heart.

“I smell some strawberry gum in your pocket,” said Creepy Creature.

Happy Heart had forgotten all about the strawberry gum she had in her pocket.

“If I give you the gum,” said Happy Heart. “Will you leave me and the others alone?”

“More gum first,” said Creepy Creature, pointing to Happy Heart’s other pocket.

Happy Heart took both sticks of gum out of her pockets and gave them to Creepy Creature after he promised to behave himself and let the couples in Banff enjoy Valentine’s Day.


Moral of this Story:

  • Creepy Creatures need to understand that they shouldn’t be bothering people.
  • Example: Happy Heart and Valentine went to Banff, Alberta because of some complaints about Creepy Creature bothering the tourists.

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