Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day

“It is Valentine’s Day,” said Happy Heart. “I should feel happy today but I don’t. I feel sad.”

Happy Heart sat down and tried to think of what was making her so sad. She boiled it down to the fact that it had been a nasty cold winter and that she hadn’t been able to get out of the house much.

Happy Heart looked over to her window ledge. She saw her favourite potted rose bush. She felt herself smile at it. She looked over at the counter and saw a box of her favourite tea. She felt herself smile at it.

“I can’t be sad on Valentine’s Day,” said Happy Heart. “I am here in Storyland to spread love and happiness. I can’t do that if I am sad.”

Happy Heart thought about how the roses and the tea made her smile. Then a thought struck her, a very happy thought.

“I just need to surround myself in things that make me happy,” said Happy Heart.

Happy Heart went from room to room and gathered up all the things that made her happy. She gathered her favourite book, her favourite perfume and her favourite  sweater.

“I am ready to spread love and happiness,” said Happy Heart, feeling much happier.


Moral of this Story:

  • Surround yourself in your favourite things when you are sad.
  • Example: Happy Heart surrounded herself in her favourite things and found it helped her be happy.

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