No Kisses on Valentine’s Day

It was Valentine’s Day. Happy Heart took her pure white puppy, Valentine to visit with Arrow and Cutie, two beautiful cats that lived in Kelowna, BC.

Valentine had never met a cat so this was going to be very interesting.

“Cats are crazy creatures,” said Happy Heart to Valentine, as she rang the doorbell to Arrow and Cutie’s house.

Arrow came to greet Valentine first. They hit it off very well. Arrow explained to Valentine that he needed to be careful of Cutie because she might swat him.

Cutie came to see what her brother was doing. She saw Valentine so she went right up to him. Valentine gave her a kiss. She didn’t mind that at all.

Arrow went up to Cutie and thought that he would give her a kiss too. Arrow leaned over toward her and very quickly Cutie’s paw raised up toward Arrow in a swatting motion.

Arrow looked like he was going to cry. His feelings were hurt. Cutie put her paw down. She didn’t like seeing her brother cry.

“One kiss,” said Cutie. “And only because it is Valentine’s Day.”

Arrow gave Cutie a kiss. He was very happy.

“It looks like we spread love between Arrow and Cutie this Valentine’s Day,” said Happy Heart to Valentine on the way home. “Even if it is temporary.”


Moral of this Story:

  • A Valentine’s Day kiss is always nice.
  • Example: Cutie actually let Arrow give her a Valentine’s Day kiss.

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