Me – Character Insight

Who is “Me”? Well, my character, me, is, none other than me. I don’t like to talk about myself so writing this character insight is difficult.

I am the owner and creator of the website, I write the stories, draw the characters and am also the creator of the videos on my website.

I was born in Toronto, Ontario. I have lived in quite a few different places throughout Canada. I am a very quiet person. I am also very shy. I love being creative and I am very stubborn. I will not give up on a task, until I have completed it to the best of my ability.

Because of my creativeness, I also love computers. I don’t think I could live in a non-electronic world. I have a lot  of computer equipment and each one does a specific task. It is not uncommon to see me using my computer, phone and tablet all at the same time.

I work the best in a peaceful and quiet environment. I find noise distracts me. I absolutely love being creative. I am proud to call myself a digital artist.

I absolutely love nature and I love my two cats, Arrow and Cutie very much. I would be so lost without them.

Character Pit


Pit Questions and Answers

  1. Which character has a jealous tendency?
    – These two characters are mother and daughter so, there is no jealous tendency between these two characters.
  2. Which character have I written about the most?
    – I have written about Jayden the most. She is an older character on Storyland. “Me” is brand new.
  3. Which character feels like they are treated fairly?
    – Both of these characters are treated fairly in Jayden loves gardening and does get to spend a lot of time in her garden.
  4. Do these two characters like each other?
    – These two characters love each other, very, very much.
  5. Which character is closer to my heart?
    – Jayden is much closer to my heart than “Me”, even though “Me” is myself.
  6. Will I be writing future stories about these two characters?
    – Absolutely!

To sum up the character pit between “Me” and Jayden, these two characters are going to be a very important part of Storyland for many years to come. Jayden is a very sweet character and “Me” loves her very much.

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