Canada Day Cats

Arrow and Cutie were both enjoying their sleep. It was Canada Day and they were enjoying it the best way they knew how. 

“Breakfast time!” called Mommy. 

Arrow and Cutie ran into the kitchen as fast as they could go. They were both yawning. 

“My!” cried Mommy, laughing. “You two are lazy today. It is Canada Day. It is time to have fun.” 

After eating their breakfast, Arrow and Cutie decided they did want to play and have some fun. Arrow decided he would chase his tail while Cutie sat and laughed at him. 

Arrow was tired after about ten minutes from chasing his tail so, he decided he needed a nap. Cutie was very tired from laughing at Arrow, so she decided to have a nap as well. 

Arrow and Cutie did that the whole day. They would eat, play for about ten minutes and then sleep. 

“Amazing,” said Mommy, that evening after the Canada Day fireworks were over. “Those two cats pretty much slept all of Canada Day away, even through the fireworks.” 

Mommy got into bed and that is when Arrow and Cutie decided that they wanted to celebrate Canada Day. 

“Oh dear,” said Mommy. “Why can’t you two celebrate when people do?” 


Moral of this Story:

  • Cats love to sleep, even on Canada Day.
  • Example: Arrow and Cutie didn’t really care that it was Canada Day. They just wanted to sleep.

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