Red, White and Canadian

Jen-Jen was outside in her garden. It was a beautiful day and she noticed the flowers in her garden were growing beautifully. 

“This is going to be a beautiful garden this year,” said Jen-Jen, bent over picking the one or two weeds she saw. 

While picking out the last weed, Jen-Jen saw the most beautiful flower she had ever seen. It had vibrant red and white colours. 

“What are you doing in my garden?” asked Jen-Jen. “I know I didn’t plant you.” 

“What day is today?” asked the flower. 

“Today is July 1st,” said Jen-Jen. “Oh wait! It is Canada Day.” 

“I am a Canada Day flower,” said the flower. “I will appear here each Canada Day.” 

Jen-Jen got her camera out and took picture after picture of the flower. She spent the whole day in the garden with the Canada Day flower enjoying it’ s beauty. 

“Oh look!” cried Jen-Jen happily, at the end of the day. “Fireworks!” 

Jen-Jen looked over at the Canada Day flower and was sad to see that it was gone. 

“I will have to wait for next Canada Day,” said Jen-Jen, happy that she did at least have photographs and memories of it. 


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice when we find something special in our garden.
  • Example: Jen-Jen found a Canada Day flower in her garden.

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