Canada Day Pool Party

Travelin’ Rick had a rare long weekend off work. He wanted to do something fun and spontaneous. It was the Canada Day long weekend.

“I think I am going to have a Canada Day pool party,” said Travelin’ Rick.

Travelin’ Rick called his friends but they had already made plans.

“It was a last minute decision,” said Travelin’ Rick. “I am not upset that my friends couldn’t make it. I will have the pool party anyway.”

Travelin’ Rick was preparing things for his pool party. He happened to look over at the seniors home that was across the street from him. The seniors that were sitting outside looked hot and bored. Travelin’ Rick motioned for them to come join him.

“Bring your swim trunks,” he shouted.

The seniors were ecstatic.

“This is the best Canada Day I have ever had,” cried Murphy, one of the seniors.

“You have brightened our Canada Day,” said Mabel, another of the seniors.

“You have made my Canada Day bright and cheery!” shouted Travelin’ Rick, taking Mabel by the hand and doing a little dance with her. ‘ ‘Happy Canada Day!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to think of seniors.
  • Example: Travelin’ Rick’s friends couldn’t make it to his Canada Day pool party so, he decided he would invite the seniors across the road from him.

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