Canada Day Fun

“Cee Cee!” shouted Canada Moose. “Wake up! I need your help.”

“I was having such a good sleep,” said Cee Cee Cougar, yawning. “What do you need my help with?”

“Today is Canada Day,” said Canada Moose. “Prickly said we should decorate the forest. We have red and white streamers and red and white balloons.”

“This sounds like a lot of fun,” said Cee Cee, stretching as she stood up.

“Excellent?” shouted Canada Moose. “Prickly would like you to help him with the balloons. He keeps popping them with his quills.”

“Oh my!” laughed Cee Cee. “He shouldn’t be handling the balloons.”

“That is why we need your help,” said Canada Moose.

“Canada Moose, Prickly Porcupine and Cee Cee Cougar spent the morning hanging the streamers and the balloons.

“Oh this looks wonderful!” cried Canada Moose, taking a good look around him.

Canada Moose prepared sandwiches and Cee Cee prepared a fruit punch. They had a marvellous time together.

“Happy Canada Day!” shouted Canada Moose, raising his glass of fruit punch.

“Happy Canada Day to you as well,” said Cee Cee Cougar.

Both Canada Moose and Cee Cee jumped when Prickly sat on some of the balloons and they popped.

“We have our own fireworks!” laughed Cee Cee taking one of Prickly’s quills and popping some more of the balloons.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be careful who you let hang up the balloons.
  • Example: Cee Cee Cougar knew Canada Moose should not have put Prickly Porcupine in charge of hanging the balloons. Prickly Porcupine kept popping them with his sharp quills.

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