Sprinkles is a very beautiful girl. She does however, have sprinkles for her hair, eyebrows, eyes and lips. They are the multi-coloured sprinkles that are used for decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

Sprinkles was normal in every other way. She was kind-hearted, very polite and very considerate towards other people.

Sprinkles was walking home from school one afternoon. She saw her friend, Chelsea, sitting on a park bench. Chelsea was crying.

“What is wrong?” asked Sprinkles.

“My birthday is the day after tomorrow,” cried Chelsea. “I wanted to have a birthday party. I wanted to invite all my friends.”

“I am sure your parents have their reasons,” said Sprinkles, consoling her friend.

“I guess,” said Chelsea. “But I don’t understand what their reasons are.”

Sprinkles walked Chelsea home. Just before she left, Chelsea’s mother told Sprinkles they were going to hold a surprise birthday party for Chelsea.

“Will you be able to come?” asked Chelsea’s mother, while Chelsea took her backpack to her room.

“Of course,” said Sprinkles. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I will even bake the birthday cake for her with lots of sprinkles.”

“That would be wonderful,” said Chelsea’s mother. “I have heard so much about your sprinkles.”

Sprinkles baked Chelsea the most beautiful birthday cake. It was covered in lots of sprinkles.

Sprinkles carefully carried the cake to Chelsea’s house on the evening of Chelsea’s birthday. Chelsea’s father had taken Chelsea to the store so that her mother could get everything ready for the party.

“That is a beautiful cake,” said Chelsea’s mother. “Are those your sprinkles I see on it?”

“Yes,” said Sprinkles. “I just have to shake my head and they fall off.”

Chelsea’s mother reached over and took a sprinkle from Sprinkle’s head.

“This tastes so good,” said Chelsea’s mother. “Do they grow back?”

“They grow back in within a few minutes,” said Sprinkles.

“Amazing,” said Chelsea’s mother.

“I was born with a rare disorder,” said Sprinkles. “The doctors can’t explain why I grow sprinkles instead of hair.”

“None of that matters,” said Chelsea’s mother. “What matters is what is in your heart and I can tell you are a very kind and considerate girl.”

“Thank you,” said Sprinkles.

Chelsea and her father returned home.

“Surprise!” yelled her mother, Sprinkles and her other friends.

“Thank you so much,” said Chelsea, who was very surprised. “I wasn’t expecting this at all.”

“You are welcome,” said Chelsea’s mother. “Look at the birthday cake your friend, Sprinkles made.”

“It looks so good,” said Chelsea. “I can’t wait to taste it.”

Everybody loved the birthday party and they especially loved Sprinkles’ birthday cake.

“Thank you Sprinkles,” said Chelsea, at the end of the party. “Thank you so much for the cake. It was delicious.”

Sprinkles reached up and took a small handful of sprinkles from her hair and gave them to Chelsea.

“They are so good,” said Chelsea.

“Yes,” said Sprinkles. “They are.”

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