“C” is for Canadian

Alphabet Allie was with her best friend, Charles. It was Canada Day. They were discussing some interesting aspects of being Canadian and decided to have some fun with the letter “C”.

“It is Canada Day,” said Alphabet Allie. “It is our cultural celebration. ‘C’ is for Canada Day, cultural and celebration.”

“We Canadians are the cream of the crop,” said Charles. “‘C’ is for Canadians, cream and crop.”

“We are the captains of our canoes,” said Alphabet Allie. “’C’ is for captains and canoes.”

“Our cottages are our castles,” said Charles.  “‘C’ is for cottages and castles.”

“Our currency is cash,” said Alphabet Allie.  “’C’ is for currency and cash.”

“And we are crazy like our cats,” said Charles. “‘C’ is for crazy and cats.”

“Happy Canada Day!” shouted Alphabet Allie.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is fun to play around with words.
  • Example: Alphabet Allie and her best friend, Charles were having fun playing around with “C” words on Canada Day.

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