Dandelion C. in the Garden

“That is strange,” said Farmer Fred, who was just getting off the phone.

“What is strange?” asked Christopher Corn, who was taking a break from band practice.

“That was the big man in the sky,” said Farmer Fred. “He has a new referral for the garden.”

“What big man in the sky?” asked Christopher.

“You know,” said Farmer Fred, pointing to the clouds. “God.”

“Are you serious?” asked Christopher. “You were just talking to God on your cell phone?”

“Yes,” said Farmer Fred. “I have him on speed dial. How do you think I hear about rock musicians that have passed away?”

“I honestly didn’t think much of it,” said Christopher. “Wow! That is definitely one powerful contact to have.”

“It is,” said Farmer Fred.

“I bet you have one very high cell phone bill,” laughed Christopher.

“It would be,” said Farmer Fred. “But luckily God flips the bill for it.”

“Good thing,” said Christopher. “The roaming fees to heaven alone would be astronomical.”

“God made a deal with his cell provider,” said Farmer Fred.

“He probably gets lots of good deals,” laughed Christopher.

“Anyway,” said Farmer Fred. “God wants to know if we want to have David Cassidy join the garden.”

“David Cassidy! “exclaimed Christopher. “Wow! There is a name I haven’t heard of in a long time. Wait, does that mean David Cassidy left Earth?”

“Yes,” said Farmer Fred. “On November 21, 2017.”

“Just a few days ago,” said Christopher. “So, he is going to come here?”

‘If we want him,” said Farmer Fred.

“I don’t see a problem with that,” said Christopher. “He is a good song-writer and good musician.”

“He is more pop than rock though,” said Farmer Fred.

“That is okay,” said Christopher. “We did let Melon T. come to the garden. He is country.”

“Yes,” said Farmer Fred. “You are right. Okay, I will call God and let him know it is okay for David Cassidy to come here”.

A few minutes later, David Cassidy showed up at the garden gates.

“Welcome,” said Farmer Fred. “Welcome to the garden. You are now a part of the Fresh Veggie Family. Your new garden name is going to be Dandelion C.”

“I like that,” said David. “So, please call me Dandelion from now on. So, what is this place and why am I here?”

“Well Dandelion,” said Christopher, shaking his hand. “The garden is meant for any influential rock star to continue with their music after they have passed away on Earth.”

“I see,” said Dandelion, impressed. “So, I get to keep writing and singing?”

“Yes,” said Christopher. “That is correct.”

‘That is why I opened up the garden up,” said Farmer Fred.

“This is amazing,” said Dandelion. “I can’t wait to get started.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to give something to others.
  • Example: Farmer Fred opened up his huge garden to rock musicians who have passed away on Earth.
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