The Happy Balloon Family and the Colourful Wildflowers

“Look down there,” said Mommy Balloon as she flew over Storyland.

Daddy Balloon looked down. He saw a field of colourful wildflowers.

“What a beautiful sight!” exclaimed Daddy.

“It is,” said Mommy.

Sissy Balloon and Baby Balloon caught up to their parents.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Sissy, taking a look at what their parents were looking at. “What a colourful field of wildflowers.”

“Have you ever seen anything so colourful?” asked Mommy.

“No,” said Sissy. “I haven’t. I would like to pick some.”

“I think that would be okay,” said Daddy.

Sissy flew down as close as she could to the wildflowers. She couldn’t believe how vibrant the colours were.

“Bluebells,” said Sissy, picking a small handful. “And, look at the daisies!”

While Sissy picked the wildflowers, Baby Balloon saw some bright coloured violets.

“Oh thank you,” said Sissy. “That was sweet of you.”

Baby leaned over and gave Sissy a kiss. Sissy was very happy.


Moral of this Story:

  • Wildflowers are very beautiful.
  • Example: Sissy and Baby Balloon were amazed at the beauty of the wildflowers.

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