The Happy Balloon Family and Cotton Candy

“Daddy,” said Sissy Balloon, looking down as they flew over a candy store. “What is that man in the window of the candy store, making?”

“He is making cotton candy,” said Daddy, also watching the man in the window.

Sissy Balloon couldn’t believe how beautiful and colourful the cotton candy was. She saw the man weave pink, blue, green and yellow strands of cotton candy onto a stick.

“Look at the beautiful colours,” said Sissy.

“What are we looking at?” asked Mommy, who was just catching up to Daddy and Sissy because Baby was slowing her down.

“Look at the colourful cotton candy,” said Sissy. “It is in the candy store window.”

Mommy took a look. She couldn’t believe how colourful the cotton candy was, either. The man in the window looked up and saw the balloon family watching him. He grabbed one bright yellow and one bright blue stick of cotton candy and went outside. He gave the bright yellow one to Sissy and the bright blue one to Baby.

“Thank you so much,” said Sissy and Baby.

“That was very kind of you sir,” said Mommy.

“I am Edward,” said the man, smiling. “I am the owner of the candy store. I hope your children enjoy them.”

“Oh,” said Daddy. “I know they will and I hope they don’t enjoy them too much so they won’t be able to float.”

Edward and the Happy Balloon family laughed and laughed. They had a lot of fun.


Moral of this Story:

  • Cotton candy is very colourful.
  • Example: The Happy Balloon Family were amazed at how colourful cotton candy was.

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