Melon T., the Country Music Legend

“Christopher,” said Farmer Fred, one evening while Christopher Corn was helping him fix the tractor. “I may have a very important visitor to the garden but, I wanted to check with you first to see if it is okay if we let him in.”

“You know that any influential rock star is allowed in the garden,” said Christopher. “You don’t have to run it by me at all. It is your garden so, you can have anyone come here that you want.”

“Well,” said Farmer Fred. “All of what you just said is true but, this one is a little bit different. I just got word that Mel Tillis passed away.”

“Mel Tillis,” said Christopher. “Isn’t he the country music legend?”

“Yes,” said Farmer Fred. “He is. See, that is the problem. So far, we have only rock and roll musicians here. However, I think it would be a shame if we didn’t allow him into the garden. He is so talented.”

“I agree,” said Christopher. “He was one of my favourites. I say let him in.”

“Okay,” said Farmer Fred, happily. “That is settled. Would you do me a favour and meet him at the garden gates?”

“I certainly can,” said Christopher. “What is his garden name going to be?”

“I think I will name him Melon T.,” said Farmer Fred.

“Good choice,” said Christopher.

Christopher walked down to the garden gate. Mel Tillis was there waiting to be let in.

“Mel Tillis,” said Christopher, introducing himself. “It is my pleasure to meet you. My Earth name was Chris Cornell but up here in garden, I am Christopher Corn.”

“Christopher,” said Mel. “Yes, I knew who you were on Earth. Can you tell me what I am doing here in this garden and why am I now a melon?”

“So,” said Christopher. “You are curious about what is going on?”

“Very,” said Mel. “Oh my! I have just realized that my stutter is gone. I used to stutter on Earth when I talk but here, I am not stuttering anymore. This is amazing!”

“Well,” said Christopher. “That is what happens when you are in the garden. Any imperfections you had on Earth will disappear.”

“I am impressed and so grateful,” said Mel. “Now, please, tell me what is going on here.”

“Yes, of course,” said Christopher. “Farmer Fred, the owner of this garden, graciously opened up this garden to rock and roll musicians who have passed away on Earth.”

“There must be some mistake,” said Mel. “I play country music. I think I am in the wrong place.”

“No,” said Christopher. “You have come to right place. We are letting you into the garden.”

“That is very nice of you and Farmer Fred,” said Mel. “But, why am I a melon?”

“When you entered the garden gates, you turned into a melon,” explained Christopher. “Now you are part of the garden and a member of the Fresh Veggie Family. Your new garden name is Melon T. Farmer Fred picks the name of a fruit or vegetable that closely resembles your Earth name. From here on you will be known as Melon T.”

“That is genius,” said Melon T. “I can’t wait to meet Farmer Fred.”

“Listen,” said Christopher. “Li Ma Bean Young, (Earth name – Malcolm Young) and I are going to put together a concert to show Farmer Fred our gratitude and appreciation for what he is done for us. Would you be interested in helping us?”

“Absolutely,” said Melon. “I am pleased to hear that Malcolm Young is here. Who else is here?”

“Well,” said Christopher. “There is Chard Benning (Earth name – Chester Bennington), Tommy Potato (Earth name-Tom Petty and Gourd (Earth name – Gord Downie)”.

“The talent up here in the garden is mind-blowing,” said Melon. “I am really looking forward to this concert.”

“We are too,” said Christopher. “It is going to be fantastic.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to recognize a legend.
  • Example: Even though the garden was meant for rock and roll musicians that have passed away on Earth, Farmer Fred didn’t want to turn away a country legend.
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