Silly Snake Sees Stars

Silly Snake was outside one warm summer evening when he just happened to look up in the sky. The sky was pitch black but it dazzled brightly with the light of the millions of stars.

“What a beautiful sight that is?” said Silly Snake. “The stars are just beautiful.”

Silly Snake stayed outside for a long time that evening gazing up into the stars. They were mesmerizing.

“This brings me so close to nature,” said Silly Snake.

Silly Snake went to bed that night and he couldn’t sleep thinking abut the stars and their beauty.

“That’s it,” said Silly Snake, early in the morning hours. “I’m going to go camping this weekend.”

That afternoon, Silly Snake went into town and purchased some camping gear. He bought himself a tent, a sleeping bag and a camp stove. That weekend he drove to the country and found a nice little camping spot and started to setup his tent. As soon as he had his tent setup it started to rain.

“That figures,” said Silly Snake. “My very first time camping and it rains. Now I won’t see any stars.”

Silly Snake was very upset but he was determined to camp out hoping the rain would stop. He went to his car and pulled out his sleeping bag and while doing so, Silly Snake hit his head on his trunk. He hit it very hard and it almost made him pass out. Standing up, rubbing his head, he saw stars.

“Well,” said Silly Snake laughing to himself. “I got to see stars after all.”

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