Fawn and Spot’s Two Nights Before Christmas

Twas two nights before Christmas
And Fawn was asleep
Suddenly he awoke
To a loud ringing beep

For right beside his head
Was his alarm clock ringing
And it woke him up
With his head just a stinging

It was not pretty to see
So late, late in the night
Fawn in his furry jammies
Oh was he not a pretty sight

Spot rushed into his room
And yelled “Fawn get to sleep”
And she was very, very angry
“And not another peep!”

“Now Fawn,” she said loudly
“Tomorrow night Santa will be here
So you’d better get to sleep
Good night my Fawn, my dear”

Spot closed the bedroom door
And then went back to sleep
Fawn did the same
And they heard not another peep

The next day came so soon
And then it was Christmas Eve night
And both Fawn and Spot went to bed
And shut off their light

They slept good that night
And never heard a thing
And when Santa came to bring gifts
They did not hear him sing

“Oh Fawn and Spot,” he sang
“You have been so good this year
That under your Christmas tree
I bring you lots of cheer.”

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