The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the barn

Fawn was in bed sleeping

And just didn’t give a darn

He was snuggled with blankets

With tons of quilts on his bed

Having sweet dreams

Of the man dressed in red

Halfway through the night

Fawn fell onto the floor

Downstairs he saw Santa

Standing by the door

Standing on the stairway

Fawn did see

Tons and tons of presents

That Santa put under the tree

Fawn saw Santa leave

And was sad to see him go

He looked out the window

And waved to him in the snow

Fawn rushed up the stairs

Making tons of noise as he went

He went into Spot’s room

And beside her bed he bent

“Merry Christmas, Spot,” said Fawn

It is time to get out of bed

We can open our presents now

From the man dressed in red

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