Silly Snake’s Christmas Fun

“Okay Mother,” said Silly Snake on the telephone. “I will come home for Christmas.”

Silly Snake wasn’t really planning to do anything this Christmas. He actually wanted to just stay home, enjoy his time off and relax. However, on the other hand, he knew how much Christmas meant to his mother so that is why he accepted her invitation to spend Christmas with her.

“I want to make this Christmas fun,” said Silly Snake. “I’m tired of the same old thing each Christmas.”

Each year for Christmas breakfast, Silly Snake’s whole entire family sat around and opened gifts and chatted about what was new or who was getting married or who was going to have the next baby. Then the same thing would happen for Christmas dinner, only this time the whole family was at Grandma’s house. That was all boring to Silly Snake.

Silly Snake sat and thought long and hard about what he could do to make Christmas more fun. He came up with a brilliant plan but he knew he was going to have to save up some money first. Silly Snake worked a few extra hours each week at the plant and a few weeks before Christmas he was given a Christmas bonus.

Silly Snake had everything arranged for his fun-filled Christmas. A few days before Christmas he got on the train and headed to the city to join his mother for Christmas.

“Oh Silly Snake,” said Mother, hugging Silly Snake tightly. “I’m so glad you are here. I couldn’t bear the thought of having Christmas alone this year without you.”

“Alone,” said Silly Snake. “What about the aunts and uncles and Grandma and Grandpa?”

“I’ve decided to give that up this year,” said Mother. “I just wanted to relax and spend some quality time with you over the holidays.”

“Well,” said Silly Snake. “I’m really glad you said that because I have some really special treats in store for you this Christmas.”

“You do?” asked Mother.

“Yes,” said Silly Snake. “I wanted to make this Christmas fun.”

“Wonderful,” said Mother.

“You just sit back and relax,” said Silly Snake. “We are going to have a fun and relaxing Christmas together.”

Christmas Eve came and Silly Snake helped his mother prepare snacks. Then he and his mother went to the city centre and sang some Christmas carols. After that, Silly Snake took his mother for a horse and carriage ride through the city park. They got to sit back and relax and watch others do their last minute Christmas shopping and rushing around.

After the horse and carriage ride, Silly Snake took his mother to the mall and bought her a very expensive sweater for her Christmas gift. Then they went and had some hot chocolate. Silly Snake then took his mother to the theatre where an old-fashioned Christmas movie was playing. They had a lot of fun together that night and when they got home they were both exhausted.

“Don’t worry about cooking Christmas dinner tomorrow night,” said Silly Snake. “I made reservations at your favourite restaurant.”

“Silly Snake!” exclaimed Mother. “Enough is enough! You’ve spent so much money on me already.”

“But, are you having fun?” asked Silly Snake.

“Well,” said Mother, shyly. “Yes, of course I am.”

“Then don’t worry about it,” said Silly Snake.

Christmas dinner was fabulous. Silly Snake and mother had the best time ever.

“This is the best Christmas I have ever had,” said Mother.

“Good,” said Silly Snake. “That is what I wanted to hear.”

“You know,” said Mother, wiping a tear of happiness from her eye. “Sometimes changing traditions isn’t all that bad of a thing.”

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