Christmas with the Forest Animals

Merry Christmas everyone! I am visiting the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. Today is a special day in the mountains. Today is the day that the forest animals are going to have their Christmas celebration.

I am taking a Christmas tree and gifts to all the forest animals. We are going to have a Christmas feast like no other feast. See, I am Santa Claus and it is my duty to make sure that everyone celebrates Christmas, including furry friend or foe.

I parked my sleigh in the middle of a clearing that the forest animals have prepared for my arrival. The animals all gathered around waiting for my elves and I to get out of the sleigh.

“Oh my!” I exclaimed to Mrs. Bunny, who sat still as a mouse with her eight little children. “Your family is so well-behaved!”

The little baby bunnies each wiggled their fuzzy little bunny noses at me in delight. My elves saw this and they handed each little bunny a carrot.

“Thank you,” each little bunny said gratefully accepting the carrots.

Each of the animals chipped in and helped my elves and I setup the Christmas tree and decorate it. It took us about an hour to do. After all, the tree was nearly sixty feet tall. Once the tree was decorated we built a little bonfire and we served hot chocolate and marshmallows to each of the forest animals. Mr. and Mrs. Coyote and their three children provided the musical entertainment, each howling a Christmas carol for us.

“That is music to my ears!” I exclaimed joyfully, truly enjoying their music.

“Oh no!” exclaimed one of my elves as he tugged at my red suit. “We forgot to wake up Mamma Bear.”

Each year, we somehow forget to wake up Mamma Bear and her little bear cubs from their winter nap.

“Get their gifts ready first,” I told my elves. “Once they see their gifts they’ll forget all about being angry with us for not waking them up.”

“Good idea,” said the elf.

Once the elves had the gifts ready for the bear family, they stood beside their den and called to them.

“Mamma Bear,” called the elves. “It is Christmas. Come and get your gifts.”

“You forgot again,” said Mamma Bear, rolling slowly out of the den.

“But we have gifts,” I said to her.

Mamma Bear and her two little cubs came bounding out of the den and when they saw their gifts, they automatically forgot about being angry that we didn’t wake them up.

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration in the forest that year. All the animals were very happy about receiving gifts and being able to sing songs and have a wonderful feast.

“See you next Christmas,” they called to me as I was leaving. “Bye Santa Claus.”

I waved good-bye to my forest friends and promised I would return the next year.


Moral of this Story:

  • Everyone should enjoy Christmas celebrations.
  • Example: Santa Claus made sure the forest animals celebrated Christmas.

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