Pumpkin Patch Party

“This has been a very successful autumn season,” said Pumpkin Prince. “Yes it has,” said Pumpkin Fairy, looking at the pile of money that Pumpkin Prince put on the table. “We sold every pumpkin we had for double the profit.” “We have enough to pay all the bills and have plenty left over,” said Pumpkin […] Read More

Ugly Sally has a Happy Halloween

“It is Halloween night,” said Father. “How come you aren’t going trick-or-treating?” “I am getting too old for trick-or-treating,” said Ugly Sally. “Think of all the candy you are going to miss out on,” said Father. “I think my teeth and the dentist won’t mind,” said Ugly Sally. “But what about all the candy you […] Read More

Loud Garden’s Summer Concert

“Christopher! “Farmer Fred screamed happily. “Come quick. I have good news.”   “What is it?” asked Christopher Corn, laying his guitar down.   “Loud Garden has its first concert,” said Farmer Fred.   “Are you serious?” asked Christopher. “When, where, how?”   “It will be on Canada Day,” said Farmer Fred. “It will be at […] Read More

Rat Boy Buys Mother Flowers for Mother’s Day

“Cecilia,” said Rat Boy to his baby sister. “Mother’s Day is coming up. We really need to do something special for her. She does everything for us.” “She does,” said Cecilia. “I love Mother very much.” “I do too,” said Rat Boy. “Why don’t we buy her flowers?” suggested Cecilia. “That is a good idea,” […] Read More

Bobby the Butcher’s Easter Dinner

“Mother,” said Bobby the Butcher, just sitting down to his Easter dinner. “Dinner looks so good. The Easter ham looks amazing. I have been looking forward to our Easter celebration. It has been a rough past few months.” “Thank you,” said Mother. “Have you heard anything from your Aunt Jessica at all?” “No,” said Bobby. […] Read More

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

“Oh my!” exclaimed Angry Baker, entering his bake shop on St. Patrick’s Day morning. “I have such a lot of work to do today.” Angry Baker started work right away. He heard the bell at the front door. He went out to the front of the shop but there was nobody there. He headed back […] Read More

Pot of Gold Rainbow

Sprinkles was sitting in her bedroom, looking at herself in the mirror. She loved looking at her hair. Sprinkles didn’t have regular hair, she had a rare condition in which her hair was made of sprinkles, the colourful candy sprinkles that are used for decorating cookies or cakes. “Oh my!” exclaimed Sprinkles, glancing at the […] Read More

Mr. Egghead and Green Ham

“That experiment you are doing smells like ham,” said Mr. Egghead, rolling his way over to the edge of the table where Professor Edelamn was walking. “It smells so good. You know how good eggs are ham taste.” “Yes,” said Professor Edelamn, laughing. “I do know how good eggs and ham taste.” “What are you […] Read More

Pea Pod’s Green St. Patrick’s Day

Farmer Ted was relaxing in his lounge chair, reading the newspaper one evening after dinner. “Oh look,” pointed Farmer Ted to an ad in the paper. “There is going to be a St. Patrick’s Day dance.” “That sounds like fun,” said Farmer Ted’s wife, Sue, looking over his shoulder at the ad he was pointing […] Read More