Loud Garden’s Summer Concert

“Christopher! “Farmer Fred screamed happily. “Come quick. I have good news.”
“What is it?” asked Christopher Corn, laying his guitar down.
“Loud Garden has its first concert,” said Farmer Fred.
“Are you serious?” asked Christopher. “When, where, how?”
“It will be on Canada Day,” said Farmer Fred. “It will be at the park by the river and I talked with the concert promoters. They are very excited to have the Fresh Veggie family perform.”
“Thank you so much,” said Christopher.
“I am your manager/promoter after all,” said Farmer Fred.
“That you are,” said Christopher. “You have done a great job so far.”
Christopher and Farmer Fred told the other members of the Fresh Veggie family. They
were ecstatic.
“Our first concert!” exclaimed Cameron Cauliflower.
“And so soon,” said Calvin Carrot.
“We have only been a band for a few weeks,” said Mrs. Tomato.
“This is such good news,” said Olive Onion.
“Absolutely,” said Oliver Onion.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us,” said Christopher. “We will be practicing from sun-up to sun-down.”
“I will order us some pizza,” said Farmer Fred. “We have a long night ahead of us.”
“Good idea,” said Christopher. “But please, no veggies on ours.”
“Right,” said Farmer Fred.
“Okay,” said Christopher. “Fresh Veggies, we have a lot of work to do. Let’s get started.”
The Fresh Veggie family worked really hard. Christopher was very happy with how Loud Garden was sounding.
“We are sounding good,” said Christopher. “Let’s keep it up.”
The third day of practicing came and Farmer Fred had devastating news. The venue at the park where the concert was going to be held was previously booked.
“I hate to be the one to break bad news to you seeing as you have been working so hard,” said Farmer Fred. “But, the venue at the park was already booked. There isn’t going to be a concert.”
“All the other bands are going to be disappointed as well,” said Christopher. “Can we not find another venue?”
“All the venues are all booked,” said Farmer Fred. “It is Canada Day after all.”
“Why couldn’t we have it here?” asked Christopher. “You have a ton of room here.”
“We could,” said Farmer Fred. “All we would need is a stage.”
“I’m sure the other bands would pitch in and help build a stage,” said Christopher. “From what I have read, this wouldn’t be the first concert in a farmers field.”
“For sure,” laughed Farmer Fred. “We can have an Alberta version of Woodstock.”
“Yes,” said Christopher. “This could be the concert event of the century.”
“You work with the others and get Loud Garden in tip-top shape,” said Farmer Fred. “I will get the field ready.”
“Sounds good,” said Christopher.
“By the way,” said Farmer Fred. “Loud Garden will be highlighting the event.”
“Oh boy,” said Christopher. “We have a lot of work to do.”
Yes,” said Farmer Fred. “We do but this is going to be the best concert ever.”
“It is Canada’s 150th birthday celebration,” said Christopher. “What a better way to celebrate.”
“I agree,” said Farmer Fred.
Farmer Fred and Christopher worked hard and their Canada Day concert in Farmer Fred’s field turned out to be the best concert ever.

“The best part of this concert” said Farmer Fred, after the concert. “Is that Loud Garden was the best performing band out of all the bands that played today.”
“You think so,” said Christopher.
“I don’t have to think it,” said Farmer Fred. “Everyone at the concert loved you guys.”
“Wow!” exclaimed Christopher. “That is sweet.”
“Loud Garden is a hit,” said Farmer Fred. “You have taken the world by storm. Now, you need to get ready for your next concert.”
“Next concert?” asked Christopher. “What next concert?”
“The one being held here on Labour Day weekend,” said Farmer Fred.
“Okay,” said Christopher. “We will be ready.”
“Good,” said Farmer Fred.
“How many other bands are going to be playing?” asked Christopher.
“Just Loud Garden,” said Farmer Fred.
“Seriously,” said Christopher.
“Seriously,” said Farmer Fred. “The crowd only wants to hear you.”
“That is sweet,” said Christopher.
“Loud Garden is the best,” said Farmer Fred.


Moral of this Story:


  • Try to be innovative.

  • Example: Christopher Corn was innovative when he thought of having the concert at Farmer Fred’s.
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