Christopher Corn and the Corn Roast

“I hear people laughing,” said Christopher Corn. “It sounds like it is coming from up the road.”

“I think our neighbours are having a corn roast,” said Farmer Fred.

“What is a corn roast?” asked Christopher.

Farmer Fred regretted ever mentioning the corn roast. He knew Christopher was a cob of corn. He felt that he was being insensitive.

“I have to remember that the Fresh Veggie family are vegetables,” thought Farmer Fred to himself. “I can’t go mentioning things like a corn roast. That was unfair to Christopher.”

Farmer Fred stood looking at Christopher for a long time before he spoke.

“I am sorry Christopher,” said Farmer Fred. “I was trying to think of the best way to explain what a corn roast was. I decided that the best way to deal with this situation is to just speak my mind. Christopher, a corn roast is a big get together. A big pot of corn is roasted on an open fire.”

“That sounds like a lot of fun,” said Christopher.

“It does?” asked Farmer Fred, confused. “It doesn’t bother you that people are eating your kind.”

“No,” said Christopher. “It doesn’t. I know that I am a cob of corn. I know people eat corn. I also know that people eat vegetables. In fact, the whole Fresh Veggie family knows that. Now, for some reason, that night of that bad storm, Cameron Cauliflower, Calvin Carrot, Mrs. Tomato, Olive and Oliver Onion and I grew out of the ground that night with arms and legs and we could talk. We don’t know why this happened but, we know it was some type of miracle. We all know that we are very lucky to be alive.”

“You make a compelling case,” said Farmer Fred. “Don’t you get upset though when you see people eating vegetables.”

“Not at all,” said Christopher. “We are a miracle. We know we should be in the ground but something or someone wanted us to be alive. I don’t know what the reasoning is behind it but I do know I am alive!”

“So,” said Farmer Fred. “You don’t care that people want to eat you.”

“I am not worried about it,” said Christopher.

“Well,” said Farmer Fred. “What you said does make sense.”

“Besides,” said Christopher. “Who would want to eat a guitar playing cob of corn?”

“Good point,” said Farmer Fred.

Farmer Fred and the Fresh Veggie family decided they wanted to check out the corn roast. The Fresh Veggie family and Farmer Fred had the time of their lives. Christopher got them all together and they sang a few of their songs. Everyone loved them.


Moral of this Story:

  • Miracles do happen.
  • Example: Christopher Corn knows that him being alive is a miracle.

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