Olive and Oliver Onion Cry in the Summer Heat

“It is such a hot summer day today,” said Farmer Fred when he went down to the barn to check up on his Fresh Veggie family. “Are you guys going to be okay in this heat?”

“I think so,” said Christopher Corn. “We will probably just stay in the barn today. We have a few new songs that Oliver wrote for us. We have to practise them.”

“That sounds good,” said Farmer Fred.

“I have a few gigs lined up for you. You just have to tell me when Loud Garden is ready to play live.”

“I think we should be ready in a week or two,” said Christopher.

“That would be perfect,” said Farmer Fred. “That puts us at July 1st. How do you feel about your first live performance being held on Canada Day.”

“Perfect,” said Christopher Corn. “It is Canada’s 150th birthday on July 1st and we would love to be a part of the celebrations. I think you can go ahead and book us for July 1st.”

“I thought you might say that,” said Farmer Fred. “I already booked it.”

“That is perfect,” said Christopher.

“What is perfect.? “asked Olive Onion as her and her husband, Oliver, came into the barn.

“We have our first gig looked,” said Christopher.

Olive and Oliver both started to cry.

“This is happy news,” said Christopher, confused. “Why are you crying?”

“We are overwhelmed by the heat,” sobbed Olive.

“And the good news you just gave us,” sobbed Oliver.

“So,” said Christopher. “Do you mean those are happy tears?”

“That and the fact onions do make people cry,” said Farmer Fred. “These two are making themselves cry.”

“I didn’t know that about onions,” said Christopher.

“We are big cry babies,” said Oliver.

“That is okay,” said Christopher. “If you need to cry, do so.”

At that statement, Olive and Oliver let the floodgates open. They cried their eyes out.

“That feels better,” said Olive after about ten minutes of crying.

“Yes it does,” said Oliver.

“I am sorry for being such a cry baby,” said Olive.

“Me too,” said Oliver.

“You know something,” said Christopher. “Don’t ever feel ashamed to show your emotions. It is okay to cry. I cry and I am not ashamed to admit it. Sometimes we all need a good cry.”

Olive and Oliver were surprised to hear that Christopher cries, too. He always seemed to be the strong one of the group. They were also happy that they could show their emotions without being ridiculed.

“Thank you,” said Oliver. “You made us feel a lot better.”

“Good,” said Christopher. “Now, let’s practise.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to show our emotions.
  • Example: Christopher Corn tells Olive and Oliver Onion that they should never be ashamed to show their emotions.
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