Beatrice Bee Visits Angry Baker

Beatrice Bee flew around the streets of Storyland. She smelled the distinct smell of honey and she had to find it. She followed the smell all the way to the front door of a bake shop.

“Oh,” said Beatrice Bee. “I love the smell of honey. I have to check out this bakery.”

The front door to the bakery was closed. Beatrice flew around to the back door. It was wide open. Beatrice could smell the honey stronger once she entered through the back door.

Beatrice knew it was hot outside. After all, it was the middle of summer. She was not expecting the wave of heat that hit her.

“It is so hot in here,” said Beatrice.

The smell of honey was driving Beatrice crazy. She wanted to leave but she had to find that honey first.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Beatrice, when she finally saw the honey. “There it is! Look at it all.”

There was a huge pail of honey sitting on the counter. Beatrice couldn’t believe how much there was. She was just going to land on the side of the pail but somehow, someone came into the backroom and put the lid back on the pail of honey at the exact same time.

Instead of landing on the side of the bucket of honey, Beatrice landed on someone’s nose.

“I am sorry,” said Beatrice. “I am Beatrice Bee. I just wanted a little taste of your honey.”

“I am Angry Baker,” said Angry Baker. “Why are you on my nose?”

Angry Baker yelled at Beatrice, telling her to get off his nose. He was not polite about it either. In fact, he was very angry.

“The only way you are going to get any of my honey is if you pay for it,” yelled Angry Baker, angrily.

“You know,” said Beatrice, still on Angry Baker’s nose. “If it wasn’t for me and other bees, you wouldn’t even have this honey. All I wanted was a little taste of it.”

“Get off my nose,” screamed Angry Baker, lifting his hand up to swat Beatrice.

“Now,” said Beatrice, quickly moving off Angry Baker’s nose and landing on the table. “That wasn’t very nice of you. I could have stung. you, but I didn’t.”

Yes,” said Angry Baker, lowering his arm. “I guess you are right. you could have stung me but you didn’t. I am sorry.”

Angry Baker opened the lid to the bucket of honey and he gave a little taste to Beatrice.

“That is such good honey,” said Beatrice. “Thank you so much.”

Angry Baker and Beatrice became good friends. Angry Baker let Beatrice come into the bake shop and whenever she showed up, he had a little bit of honey set out for her.

Angry Baker felt horrible for the way he treated Beatrice. He promised her that no matter what, nobody in his bakery would ever swat at her. Beatrice felt safe when at the bakery. Her visits to the bakery turned out to be the highlights of her day.


Moral of this Story:

  • We should try not to be angry.
  • Example: Angry Baker felt bad for being angry at Beatrice Bee.
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