Grandma is Sick

Bright Idea saw that Grandma was sick. She was in bed. He could hear her coughing.

“it seems like Grandma has a cold,” said Bright Idea to himself. “When I have a cold she makes me some homemade chicken soup. It always makes me feel better. I will make Grandma some soup.”

Bright Idea chopped up some chicken, onions, celery and carrots. He put them into a big pot with some water. He set it to boil. Then he added some spices to it. The lid from the black pepper fell off and over half the jar ended up in the soup.

Bright Idea tried to spoon as much of it out as he could. However, he couldn’t get much of it out.

“I ruined the soup,” said Bright Idea.

Grandma came out into the kitchen. She could smell the chicken soup cooking and it smelled amazing.

“Grandma,” said Bright Idea. “I ruined the soup. It was my Bright Idea to add some pepper to it but the lid fell off and half the bottle of pepper is in the soup.”

“It will be fine,” said Grandma, taking a large bowl of it. “I love lots of pepper.”

Grandma did eat a big bowl of the chicken soup and by the next day, she felt so much better.

“Now,” said Grandma. “That was a bright idea, you making me that pot of chicken soup. It is what made me feel better.”

Bright Idea was very happy Grandma felt better and that his soup helped her to do so.


Moral of this Story:

  • Homemade chicken soup can help make you feel better.
  • Example: Grandma had a cold. Bright Idea made her some homemade chicken soup so she could feel better.

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